BlogProSupps CEO T.J. Humphreys Re-Assumes Position

ProSupps CEO T.J. Humphreys Re-Assumes Position  

In a court ruling handed down last week by the 17th Judicial Court of Broward County, Florida, T.J. Humphreys, a former owner of Lone Star Distribution and CEO of ProSupps USA, will lead the company on its charge to become one of the top brands in the country. The ruling issued today dismissed an earlier ruling that enjoined Humphreys and Regional Sales Manager Mike Guadagno from working for ProSupps. Additionally, VPX/Vital Pharmaceuticals motions to keep other ProSupps staff from working were also denied.

“This is a big day for me personally, but honestly, it’s as big a day for our team and our company. It takes an incredible team to accomplish what they did in my absence, and under the leadership of Brian Ikalina, the entire sales team took the pressures of this difficult litigation and turned them into positive incentive to reach retailers and consumers alike with our brand, “ Humphreys boasts. “I am looking forward to getting on the road and shaking hands with all of my old pals in this very large world of Sports Nutrition!”

Humphreys is planning a long road trip, setting out to set up retailers under a unique VIP program that rewards the retailer for its continued support of the ProSupps brand. The ProSupps sales team has set unprecedented sales records through its distributor, Europa Sports, and intends to launch 8 new products by year’s end, three in the next three weeks. There have been a large number of International requests for the uniquely branded line, so the company is busy registering its products for International sale.

“I also want to thank all of those people and businesses that continued to support me, my team and my company during this short period of conflict.” Humphreys adds, “our vision of creating the highest quality supplements for athletes of all shapes and sizes can continue to be realized with the team back together.”

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