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Alexis Rivera

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Alexis Rivera IFBB Bodybuilding Pro


  • Home: Puerto Rico
  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Off-season weight: 258 lbs
  • Contest Weight: 238 lbs
  • Why do you train/fight? Simply put, it's my passion. It's what I was born to do. You have to do whatever makes you happy in life.
  • What workout gets you fired up? Every workout fires me up, but I would say that leg day is the most exciting and intense muscle group. It's a love and hate feeling when I work my legs, and I use that to fuel my workout.
  • Favorite ProSupps® products? Mr. Hyde® NitroX, HydroBCAA® +EAA, and the PS Whey
  • What's your next big goal? Well, this year I'm already qualified for Mr. Olympia, that was my main goal for this year but, my goal right now is to get into the Top 6 at the Mr. Olympia next year.
  • Weirdest thing on your workout playlist? Residente Calle 13: “La Cátedra”.
  • What's the best advice you ever got? If you don't try it, how do you know that you can't do it? Sometimes opportunities only appear once in a lifetime ‐ don't miss them. Seize the opportunity because you may never have the chance to do so again.
  • What does it mean to be an Alpha? Being an alpha is being a leader that is respected & obeyed by the rest of the group and is very sure of himself when making decisions. This is the mentality I bring to the gym, both for my personal workouts and when I am training others.


  • 2 magazine covers and 10+ magazine articles


  • 2018 ‐ Mr. Olympia Contender
  • 2018 ‐ IFBB Tampa Pro ‐ 1st Place
  • 2018 ‐ IFBB Vancouver Pro ‐ 2nd Place
  • 2014 ‐ NPC Nationals Miami Super Heavyweight & Overall Champion ‐ Earned Pro Card
  • 2013 ‐ NPC Garden State NJ Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2012 ‐ NPC Nationals 11th Place Heavyweight
  • 2011 ‐ NPC Nationals 11th Place Heavyweight
  • 2011 ‐ South Eastern USA (Florida) Novice Heavyweight & Open Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2011 ‐ Mr. PR Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2011 ‐ Unique Fitness Classic II Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2011 ‐ Copa Alcalde Hatillo Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2010 ‐ Unique Fitness Classic I 4th place Heavyweight
  • 2010 ‐ Mr. PR Novice Overall & Heavyweight Champion
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  • Alexis Rivera Instagram Feed
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  • Alexis Rivera Instagram Feed

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Alexis Rivera IFBB Bodybuilding Pro

“Sacrifice is temporary but victory is forever.”

Alexis RiveraIFBB Bodybuilding Pro

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