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Boosting Your Immune System This Fall

Boosting Your Immune System This Fall ProSupps USA

Seasonal changes often bring sniffly noses and pestering coughs. With the drop in temperatures, flu viruses remain more stable in the air making us more susceptible to getting sick. However, we can take preventative measures to try to ward off these viruses as much as possible. Simply ensuring that our daily supplement regimen is on point is a great way to keep our immune system in tip-top shape.

Here are 6 supplements that will help keep you healthy and boost your immune system this fall!

VitaLinx: Multi-Vitamin

If you only add 1 of these supplements to your daily routine, make it VitaLinx! Getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals (with an added recovery matrix) is key to boosting your immune system. VitaLinx contains a full spectrum of highly absorbable bioavailable vitamins and minerals assisting in everything from joint support with glucosamine and chondroitin, to weight management components from CLA and Raspberry Ketones. VitaLinx will increase recovery time and goes hand in hand with elite performance. This product has also been infused with Prebiotic and Probiotic Digestive Enzymes to keep your gut nice and healthy.

AminoLinx: Elite Performance Amino Matrix

By helping the body recovery from the trauma of training and everyday life, AminoLinx is an important supplement for your overall health. Infused with a full range of BCAA’s/EAA’s, AminoLinx was designed for those individuals that are constantly pushing themselves towards greatness. Packed with electrolytes and B- Vitamin complex, AminoLinx helps to battle fatigue, increase endurance, aids in hydration, and also increases blood flow and transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

Glutamine: Glutamine 300

ProSupps Glutamine 300 is 100% Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Micronized Glutamine. Glutamine is another amino acid that supports muscle growth, maintain a healthy immune system and speed up recovery time after an intense workout. By aiding your body in its recovery time, it spends less time in a distressed state.

Guardian: Liver Support

Guardian is a Liver Support supplement especially designed to aid our livers in its daily functions as well as assist in the detoxification process. Guardian is composed of 11 different ingredients to ensure optimal liver functions and overall health such as; Liver Detoxified & Cleanser, Enhances Vitality, Energy, & Health, Antioxidant Properties, and Regulates Health Levels of Liver Enzymes. By assisting this overworked organ, we can begin to heal the body from the inside out. A healthy working digestive system will help prevent other aliments down the road.

Crash: Restful Sleep & Recovery

Crash is an all-inclusive sleep aid formula designed to help you get the proper amount of sleep in order to: assist in recovery, lower cortisol levels, and work hand in hand with the adrenal system in order to reduce fat. This combination can keep your performing at your best. Crash helps relax your mind and body to transition into a sleepier state and improves your overall sleep/wake cycle.

By aiding our bodies in the recovery process, fueling it with the proper nutrients, staying nicely hydrated, providing aid to overworked organs, and getting the proper amount of rest are the main responsibilities of the 6 supplements listed above. A properly functioning body will help to ensure a healthy immune system year round.


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