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Building What We Believe In

Message from the ProSupps CEO,  TJ Humphreys - Building what we believe in!

As we close out another year at ProSupps, I want to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for continuing to believe in ProSupps, the team and the products. I have gotten a ton of DM’s and emails from many of you sharing the same passion that we have for our brand, keep them coming because I absolutely love hearing your success stories! There are so many choices for consumers nowadays, so it becomes increasingly important for our team to continue to share the story of ProSupps and the hundreds of people that take a part in building this special brand on a daily basis.

While most brands are owned by people that don’t know a barbell from a doorbell, ProSupps was founded by a handful of dudes that live in the gym seven days a week. I’ve always believed that the most important asset we have is our story, a story that illustrates WHY our brand and our products rank so much higher for those that place high value on performance and efficacy, and not just pretty packaging (but we got that nailed too LOL). we now have 320 PSARMY members across the globe, and in 2017, we plan to triple that number. I want thousands of people telling our story, and their own story, of how ProSupps has changed the lives of themselves and others.

I want each of you to know how thankful that I am to have you as friends, although I have only probably met a few of you personally. Each one of you has a stake in our company, and each one of you made the conscious decision to give this “tiny brand called ProSupps” a shot at some point in your sports nutrition-purchase decision. I do not take your trust in me, my brand, or my team lightly. I hold it dear to my heart and know that in order to maintain that trust, we must continue to over perform and over deliver in our commitment to bringing the most innovative nutritional concepts to the marketplace.

The principle is actually fairly simple; when you believe in something so much that it becomes a part of your personal fabric, building to that goal becomes effortless. Thank you for making dreams realities for so many of us, and have a wonderful holiday season.

God bless,
TJ Humphreys
CEO – ProSupps


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