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Bulking Regimen by IFBB Pro Alexis Rivera

Bulking Regimen by IFBB Pro Alexis Rivera

A strict supplement regime is just as important when bulking as it is when cutting. Here is my guide to putting on mass.

1 Scoop of Hydro BCAA Pineapple
1 Scoop of Glutamine
1 Serving of L-Carnitine Berry
1-1/2 Scoop(s) of PS Whey Vanilla

With Meal 2
1 iload Capsule
1 Scoop of Fenumass Powder

1 Scoop of Mr.Hyde
1 Scoop of Glutamine
3 NO3 Drive Capsules

1 Scoop of PS Karbolyn Orange
2 Scoops of PS Isolate Vanilla
1 Scoop of PS HydroBCAA Pineapple

Before Bed
1 Serving of Crash



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