Coming Soon: Mr. Hyde NitroX

How do you "improve" perfection? Well, it took us FOUR LONG YEARS of waiting for the right time, the right ingredients, the right opportunity, to make a perfect product "more perfect". At Prosupps, we don't launch any product unless it passes the "iron test"… If we don't move more weight, spend more time in the rack, or see more digits on the scale, we start all over, from scratch, until we get it right. Introducing Prosupps NEW Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll NitroX Series, built to do what all Prosupps products do… deliver RESULTS…PERIOD! NitroX features a number of upgrades including two new super ingredients, Nitrosigine, a proven pump-promoting, blood flow-enhancing power ingredient which takes our already proven Strength Matrix and elevates it to the next level, and TeaCrine, a novel full-featured ingredient delivering energy, focus and a "no-crash" lift to help maximize your intensity while in the gym. We improved every aspect of our flagship products by tweaking our focus elements so that you not only have that intense energy, but the determination to maintain it rep after rep. The new NitroX series doesn't just take you to the next level, it blows away what you previously thought best by delivering relentless energy, intensity and focus to crush your goals every time you battle whether in the gym or on the field.

And, with new proprietary Candy Shoppe flavors such as Pixy Dust, Red Candy Fish, and WhatOMelon, we left it all on the gym floor!

We hope you enjoy the NEW Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll NITROX Series experience as much as we do… Here's to blowing through plateaus and setting new PR's!

Strengthfully Yours,