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Holidays: The Season of Celebrations and Temptations

Managing Holiday Food Temptations

Holidays – How do I manage not to fall off the wagon! Or how do I get back on track?

During the holidays we tend to make food the center of attention and end up falling off the “healthy food and gym” kick. Instead of focusing on the “goodies” at hand, why not focus on what the holidays are really about? Spend time with your family; be grateful for the previous year and the New Year that is quickly approaching. Don’t let the season be a reason to give up. Just continue to live your normal life and your body will thank you later.

Also, don’t forget to relax. The holidays are a perfect time to have “me” time since most people are off of work for a few days. Take those days to focus on you, meal prep, and catch up on sleep.

Enjoy every moment with your family, friends and loved ones. Don’t stress yourself out if you decide to have a cookie here and there. Just try not to eat the whole plate! Be sure to eat foods high in fiber since, around the holidays, we tend to eat more dense foods. This will help keep your digestive system on track!

One last simple trick: Because we spend so much time with families during the holiday season, be sure to get up for that early morning workout so that you have the rest of the day to spend with you loved ones!

If you fall of track more than you had planned, don’t let it discourage you. Find motivation and get back after the body you always wanted. The key to life is moderation. Enjoy, relax, eat and then get back on your grind!



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