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Cheat Meal Commandments

ProSupps Cheat Meal Commandments

Double cross your diet using these commandments and you’ll progress far more than you would if you were super strict with your food choices.

  1. Thou shalt have one cheat meal at a time
  2. An all-day buffet is not the venue for cheat meals, keep it moderate and listen up when your stomach says it’s full.

  3. Thou shalt hold protein as sacred
  4. Even if it’s a bowl of pasta, throw a few slices of bacon into it as a firewall for your abs.

  5. Thou shalt pay attention to food and performance
  6. Eat bad, train worse. Learn it, live it and take the steps needed not to cheat excessively.

  7. Thou shalt be strategic about cheating
  8. If you’re on a low carb diet and can’t train because you’re exhausted, you need a carb energy top up.

  9. Thou shalt apply perfect timing to your meal
  10. Best times for cheating are the morning or after a heavy lifting session – never late at night.

  11. Patience is thy virtue
  12. It’s super good, we get it but don’t rush or you’ll eat beyond fullness. Instead, savor the taste.

  13. Thou shalt eat free from distractions
  14. Eat with friends or while while listening to music, never watching the TV or you’ll mindless munch beyond your calorific limit.

  15. Thy shalt take pride in your food
  16. Fast food is convenient but prepping it yourself means it’ll be healthier, fresher and tastier.

  17. Thy rewards shalt not be foods
  18. Big achievements should have non-food rewards, like a holiday or new kicks. Food as a prize for abstaining from food doesn't make sense.

  19. Thou shalt observe the 90/10 rule
  20. For every nine meals you’re allowed a small cheat meal with impunity - a man’s got to live a little.


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