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Experience the Joy of Giving

Experience the Joy of Giving - ProSupps USA

We have all heard that "giving is better than receiving", but do you really believe it? Of course we expect gifts during this time of year because we have been programmed to; plus, it's what this season of giving is all about, right? Right?

If you find that your mentality is more about writing your Christmas lists for others than it is about what you can do for others, this article might inspire you to change your perspective.

Question: Have you ever experienced the genuine joy (that warmth that fills your heart...that smile that comes across your face...that tickle in your stomach) that comes from doing something kind for someone else?

If you have, you know that it is a feeling unlike anything else; if you haven't, it's time to experience it; when you GIVE you actually RECEIVE a joy unlike anything else.

We have created a list of suggestions below, but do what feels right for you…it can be as simple as a smile to a stranger.

  • Volunteer your time to local non-profits, homeless shelters, elderly or assisted living homes, Meals on Wheels, etc.
  • Donate gifts to charity organizations that help people in need, such as gifts sent to children in Third World countries, Toys for Tots, etc.
  • Create a collection of items such as foods, bedding materials, toys, etc. for a local animal shelter.
  • Bake extra holiday goodies and bring them to your local fire station.
  • Smile at a stranger; you never know how this can change their day.
  • In lieu of a gift or two amongst your family, donate that gift money to a charity in your family's name.
  • Shovel the snow from your elderly neighbor's driveway with your children (it's never too early to start teaching kindness and generosity).
  • Make greeting cards for those in health care facilities, such as a veteran's hospital or a home for children with disabilities.

The joy that you experience from giving to others should be felt throughout the entire year.

So, let's ask again, do you believe that giving is better than receiving?


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