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Featured Athlete: Josh Middleton

Featured Athlete: Josh Middleton

Our first featured athlete for the UK could be none other than Josh Middleton! He is passionate and hard working in his professional life and in his fitness journey. He is unbelievably dedicated to ProSupps and always goes out of his way to help out a team member. He loves to help people find confidence and knowledge in the gym by volunteering his time at a local gym. You may think he must have all the time in the world and great genetics, but that is far from the truth.


What was your childhood like?

Where do I start, I am an only child and I would say I’ve had a great childhood, full of lots of amazing memories with both friends and family. I have always been very close to my family and they have supported me my whole life, no matter what it was they gave me the best they could.

Did you play sports?

Surprising I have never had an interest in sports. I was never into football like all the other lads…however as soon as I turned 14 and was allowed in my local gym I signed straight up.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in the United Kingdom called Goole.


Is your family active and/or into fitness?

All my family are living a healthy life but are not into fitness.

Any family members compete or play sports?

My dad used to mountain/road bike (I believe this to be one reason why I have good legs).

Does your family support your lifestyle?

Yes my family supports me and tries to attend all my shows.

Were they on-board from the beginning or did it take time?

My family have always supported me however they did not agree with the level I have taken things in the past, for example getting down to a low body fat for competition is not necessarly healthy and sometimes can make athletes unwell.

Are you married, engaged, in a relationship?

I've been in a long-term relationship with a girl named Jade, we will have been together 5 years in January. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, she supports me all the way, she even undertook a 24 week prep alongside me for the Arnold Classic. She did this so it made it easier for me to handle all the training and not been able to break diet.

Animals? How many and what kind?

I have two dogs, if I could have more animals I would as I love animals, but I’m a big believer in only having what you can afford/care for, and I would be unable to care properly for more animals so I think it is not the right time to have more.


When did you first get introduced to fitness?

When I was around 13 I first joined the gym with my friends, at the beginning it was as much as a social pastime as it was a hobby.

Did you like it at first?

I have always loved the gym however I’ve always hated cardio.

What made you decide to pursue it?

I currently work as a contractor in the oil and gas industry. Although it is very well paid, it is dangerous and comes with a lot of health issues (asbestosis). After a few years working I soon realised its great to have money but what’s the use of it if you have no time or people to enjoy it with. I see so many people at work who are in their late 60s who have gone through countless marriages due to always being at work and being away. This is definitely not something that I want for my future. I feel if I was to be lucky enough to purse a successful career in fitness it would allow me to have a better lifestyle so I could be there to enjoy time with friends and family and travel the world.

What was your goal when you first stepped into the gym?

My first and current goal is to improve my physique, meet new people and enjoy myself.


How do you feel fitness has changed your life?

Fitness has changed my life in so many ways. I find myself now reading articles on nutrition, training methods and how the body can change. You may think that is normal for someone in the fitness industry. Yes it might be but for myself who struggled massively at school due to being badly dyslexic it is a big thing. I have always struggled with my reading and writing yet because of fitness I now have an interest therefore a reason to read and expand my knowledge.

What are your goals now compared to when you first started?

At the start my goal was to improve my own physique and knowledge, I now more aim to use my knowledge to help others improve their diet and training knowledge so that they can achieve better physiques.


Why compete?

At first I competed because it gave me a purpose, a reason to better myself beyond what I thought I could. This has now changed because I would like to create a career path for myself via competing, may that be turning pro or just motivating people to see what they can achieve.

What division/class do you compete in?

I compete in physique, this year I have entered in both Junior Physique and Men’s Over 182 cm.

What have you accomplished so far?

I have competed 5 times and have placed 3rd in Junior Physique which qualified me for the Arnold Classic Barcelona. I competed in the Welsh Championship where I did not place, this was due to myself not putting in enough work thefore not achieving a proper physique. I then took the big step up and compete in the Midlands Championship in the Men’s Over 182 cm, I was the youngest on stage by 4 years yet I managed to place 2nd which qualified me for the British Championships. My next competition was the Arnold Classic, my first international competition, I placed 8th in Europe out of over 25 athletes. My final competition was the British Finals where I placed top 15 out of 35 athletes. I was disappointed with this placing however our class was not split into height class, this gave me a disadvantage as all year shorter athletes had been placing and taller athletes hadn’t. I was pleased however as I was one of the only tall athletes to make the top 15 all the rest were short.

What's next on your agenda?

My next competition will depend on the current situation with the federation at the moment. It is looking like I will be entering one of the Pro Bros Completions later next year.

What's your ultimate goal?

To continue competing and pursuing a fitness career until I no longer enjoy it.


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