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Featured Athlete: IFBB Pro William Gregory

Featured Athlete IFBB Pro William Gregory
"Let the challenges inspire you and let the possibilities encourage you."

It only takes one glance at William Gregory to know that he lives by this quote. As a former collegiate athlete, William has always had some type of routine in his life. It was in his earlier years that he established the type of work ethic and dedication that would lead him into the fitness industry. From collegiate athlete to working as a high fashion model, William is just as humble as he is dedicated on his journey.

When asked what his top 3 goals are for the future, William said:

"Continuing to inspire and promote health and wellness. Being a certified personal trainer as well as an IFBB Pro allows me to interact with people on all levels of fitness. There is nothing better than helping people achieve their goals.

Make it to that prestigious Mr. Olympia Stage!

And of course travel more! This is one of my favorite things to do. Not only is it an amazing opportunity to see the world, but also learn about other cultures and appreciate where I am in my life."

As many of you know, competing is a very rigorous cycle of on and off season, attempting to go for your pro-card, etc. William's journey was a little unordinary to say the least. This wasn't a guy who had never trained before and then decided to start a prep. William had been training his whole life. This was just going to be a different type of training with a whole new purpose.

When asked how he got into the fitness industry, William answered:

"I've always been involved in fitness. However, it was more sports specific training. Movements and exercises catered to specific sports that I would need on the field or court. So the foundation was always there. We usually lifted weights 3 times a week during the season as well as agility drills.

As far as competing is concerned, a client of mine showed me a fitness magazine and said, 'Can you train me to look like her?'

And I did. She ended up turning pro shortly after.

Another client approached me about prepping her for her first show, and she also won 2 overalls in her division.

These types of success stories kept on happening with my clients. So finally I said… 'Why not me!'

I began working with my coach and it took off. I placed in my first show, took my class and the overall in the 2nd show, and turned pro at my 1st pro qualifier; Team Universe 2014."

So how does William stay on track and balance his personal life and fitness life? When asked about keeping the "balance" that most competitors talk about, William gave us a pretty real answer.

"Balance is something that I'm still working on. In order to give competing or a committed fitness lifestyle all you got, you do have to sacrifice something. It's not always easy. Being committed to a training regimen, cardio, and specific diet restrictions does cut out a lot of social time.

However, having a support system that encourages and understands your determination/goals is extremely important. There is a time and a place for everything."

Going from runway model to IFBB Pro fairly quickly, we asked William whom he looks up to for motivation.

"I look up to anyone and everyone who dedicates themselves to making an improvement and impact on others in this industry. We are extremely fortunate to be put in the position to be role models and motivators to help and inspire others. Doesn't have to be an IFBB Pro or a competitor. It could be your local trainer who has helped many lose weight, a physical therapist who has helped someone rehab from an injury, or a registered dietitian who has helped someone change their eating habits.

I admire and look up to you all."

We are extremely fortunate to have an individual like William Gregory on the ProSupps team. He is a wonderful and positive asset for so many reasons. Our relationship with William started purely through word of mouth.

"I first heard about ProSupps from my coach who's great friends with Jason Arntz. He had me use Karbolic during my 1st prep ever. I really like the product and researched other products that were offered. I ended up meeting Jason at a show and we clicked immediately. We spoke about possible opportunities to join the team and how grateful I would be if that opportunity presented itself. I was, at that time, being pursued by a couple of different companies. But, I had already made my choice by the end of my conversation with Jason. Since then, it has been nothing short of amazing! I'm extremely proud to be a sponsored athlete represented by the absolute best in the industry."


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