Focus On The Finish by T.J. Humphreys CEO ProSupps USA

Your sweat turns to steam as it hits the turf. All eyes are on you; you've endured 16 years of grueling off seasons, countless workouts and injuries that half-healed because your fear of losing your edge kept you off the sofa. The air is heavy, your feet are light, and if your heart could speak, it would be screaming "I'm ready, give me all you got". You slowly creep into a crouch awaiting the sound of that gun, the sound that turns college kids into millionaires in four seconds. Your life, your family, your future, hanging in the balance, waiting for you to pour the last 22 years of your life onto this scorching earth. Silence....silence....wait....wait....

Finish strong! Happy New Year!

T.J. Humphreys