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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Whether you’re a gym newbie having problems committing to a fitness goal or a long-time lifter hitting a plateau, I think the solution is simple, and that is getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new! Before I got into lifting I started taking aerial fitness classes, mainly pole fitness, at a women’s gym which was extremely out of my comfort zone and hard due to my lack of upper body strength. I stuck with it because it was FUN and helped me fall in love with exercise which resulted in consistently workout out for years ever since. Although I love lifting, I also have to switch up my workouts sometimes and try something new to stay motivated and get different results. Here are some of my suggestions on how you can benefit your lifting life by getting out of your comfort zone!

– Join a fighting gym! I joined UFC Scottsdale Gym and I’m take boxing classes which is increasing my speed and agility while burning fat and helping shape my shoulders like I never have before with typical lifting.

– Take bikram yoga once a week! It will help with flexibility and even relieve stress while also aiding in weight loss.

– Take hip-hop dance classes with a friend, especially if you are awful at it. Not only is this challenging and great cardio, it is also a hilarious thing to fail at if you are comfortable with laughing at yourself.

– Join a community sports league, like softball or volleyball.

– Do an obstacle course race. Do a silly one like “Wipeout Run” or a more intense one like “Spartan Race” which will challenge you in many different ways that you can’t experience in a gym setting.

– Do paintball. Doesn’t sound like exercise, but I guarantee you will be sprinting if someone is about to shoot you! Also taking in to consideration how many quick moments you will do, squatting, standing, stretching, and so on.

– Become a professional BMXer. Or don’t.

I think everyone should step out of the weight room sometimes whether you’re in a rut or not. Switching things up for your body can change your progress, help with motivation, help with endurance, speed, etc., and may help you find a new hobby you love!

by Brittany “Briz” Mullen
ProSupps Brand Ambassdor


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