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Halotropin for Women

Halotropin for Women

Attention Ladies!

Halotropin is NOT just for men!

There are lots of misleading and confusing information regarding testosterone boosters for women. Over the years, many companies have marketed "testosterone boosters" to only be associated with men. Truth is, both men and women have estrogen and testosterone, just different levels of them. It is these hormones, along with a number of other hormones, that make up all sorts of daily bodily functions and characteristics; including our mood.

For women, hormones change with age, levels of physical activities, stress, pregnancy, nutrition, diets, etc. It seems like everything affects your hormones. Lucky you! The benefits for women, using Halotropin will be an increase in stamina, strength, energy, vitality, sex drive & libido. It also DECREASES water retention/bloating and helps balance your moods.

Obviously every woman is built differently and may experience different results, however, Halotropin is specifically designed to support your natural testosterone levels within your body. In other words, this product will only help your body support and maintain its natural testosterone levels while slightly suppressing estrogen levels from rising.

This product is meant to be taken consistently every day for its entire content. We recommend women to start with one capsule per day, preferably before training in order to make the best assessment. You may always up the dosage, but do not exceed three capsules per day. Results vary but you should see a difference in a number of different areas including but not limited to strength, muscle tightness, energy and less water retention/bloating within 10 – 12 days.

  • Support Natural Testosterone Production
  • Helps Maintain Control of Estrogen
  • Enhance Strength and Stamina
  • Promotes Improved Body Composition


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