Halotropin New and Improved!

Natural Testosterone Amplification Formula

Here at ProSupps we believe in continuous improvement & innovation. For this exact reason we have recently "re-vamped" our very own Halotropin.

Halotropin was designed to be the premium and complete testosterone optimization solution. With a full-spectrum formula designed to help improve strength, recovery, stamina and overall vitality, Halotropin works with your body to increase the body’s ability to maximize natural testosterone production and utilization. This means increased training volume, a more aggressive attack on the weights and improved recovery. Additionally, key ingredients have been added to reduce the chance of testosterone aromatizing, reducing estrogen related counter-effects while further improving lean muscle mass.

  • Support Natural Testosterone Production*
  • Cofactors for Vitality & Stamina*
  • Supports Muscle Function & Recovery*
  • Helps Control & Modulate Estrogen*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Halotropin?

Halotropin is a comprehensive, natural formula that is designed to optimize your body's natural testosterone production and utilization. This translates into improved gym performance, strength and lean muscle support in addition to male performance and vitality.

Is Halotropin considered a natural product?

Yes, Halotropin is a natural supplement formulation that is comprised of naturally occurring herbal extracts. It does NOT contain any synthetic hormones or performance enhancing substances.

What can I expect from Halotropin?

With Halotropin, you can expect improved natural energy, strength, power, lean muscle support and male vitality due to the increased optimization of your natural testosterone production.

Is it safe for Women?

Yes Halotropin is completely safe for women to take as women have testosterone levels just like men have estrogen levels. The recommended serving for a woman is 1 pill/day vs 3 pills/day for a male. Read more about it here.