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Holding Yourself Accountable During the Holidays

Holding Yourself Accountable During the Holidays

“Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything, cooler temperatures, bigger clothes,,, and GAINZ!!! Competitions have come to an end for the year and the pressure of wanting to look shredded for the beach is now over. Does this mean that we should let ourselves go completely or just give ourselves a little reprieve? I vote for the latter. Why?

A sudden over indulgence of high calorie foods can be more than our bodies can handle; the physique that took months of hard work to obtain could be ruined in a matter of days! Have no fear, as this does NOT mean that you can’t stay on track while still enjoying yourself during the Holidays. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on track:

***Allow Yourself 1 cheat meal per week.

Not only does this mean that we can eat what we are craving, but it can also give us added incentive to “earn” that cheat meal by working hard and being strict for the balance of the week. Sticking to a clean eating regimen the majority of the week will allow you to choose your cheat meals wisely.

***Choose your cheat meals around a big lifting day; a day where you can really use the extra calories to fuel your workout. The idea is that you will be able to push your body a little harder on those post cheat meal days, and really utilize those carbs, fats, and sugars for the greater good…GAINZ!!!

***We know it’s dangerous to go to the grocery store hungry for obvious reasons, so this same thought process should apply when attending Holiday gatherings. Here are 3 helpful options:

  • Bring your own meals with you
  • Eat a well-balanced meal before you go
  • Learn to have PORTION CONTROL.

***Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It is very easy to mistake dehydration for hunger. Also, adding things like amino acids in your daily intake will allow you to stay fuller longer.

***Find healthy alternatives to the foods that you love. You can also stop by our Kitchen Corner to get high protein, low fat, low carb recipes for some of your favorite treats.

***Do not slack off on your training! Your body can make great improvements with a moderately higher caloric intake. Training also releases endorphin’s to conquer stress that some of us face during the Holiday season.

We hope that you found these tips to be helpful! The holidays should not be a stressful season. When all is said and done, it comes down to having self control and self-discipline; something that should be practiced all year around.


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