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Featured Athlete: IFBB Pro Vanessa Avila

IFBB Pro Vanessa Avila ProSupps Featured Athlete

Our newest IFBB Bikini Pro, Vanessa Chung Avila, is a prime example of why you should never give up on your dreams! This 27 year-old inspiration began competing a couple of years ago with just one thing on her mind: to win her pro card. After 2 years and 7 national-level shows later, Vanessa finally accomplished her goal! She is a firm believer in doing what you are passionate about and working hard at it every single day. Her journey to top was not easy but Vanessa never stopped believing in herself; this is what kept her motivated throughout the tough days of her journey. We are so proud to have her on the ProSupps team sharing her story and inspiring all of us to never give up on what we want most! If we can dream it, we can do it!


  • Full Name Vanessa Chung Avila
  • Age 27
  • DOB 03/13/1989
  • Hometown I was born in Germany and grew up in El Paso, TX
  • Current residence El Paso, TX


What are your current sports/hobbies?

I was in tae kwon do growing up. I was a cheerleader all through out my middle and high school years. After I graduated, I slowly got into weight training

What is your biggest recent accomplishment? What does it mean to you?

One of my biggest recent accomplishments was winning my IFBB Pro Card at the 2016 USAs after 7 national shows. THEN, placing 2nd as an IFBB Pro at the Phoenix Europa and San Antonio Classic!

You want to know what this means to me? This means you can't ever give up on your dreams no matter how long it takes; if you really want something you can't stop trying for it. I have gone from last place, to top 5, to 12th place. My placings have been all over the place throughout my journey but I never let it stop me. You can achieve anything you want as long as you believe in yourself!!!!!! You have to be unstoppable.

What are your top 3 goals for the future?

1.) Becoming a teacher for elementary students by 2018

2.) Competing at the 2017 Olympia

3.) Winning the Bikini Olympia Title within the next 5 years

What is something that people don’t know about you?

I am half Mexican and half Korean

What is your favorite food?

Korean food, nachos, and bean cheese burritos

What is your favorite supplement. Why?

I normally do my cardio in the morning and when I do I take DNPX. I like it because it gets me going and gets me sweating. As soon as I'm done I don't feel a crash or get jittery.

What is your favorite quote?

"I am a woman with purpose. I am unstoppable. I have a heart of a champion."



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