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Leg Strengthening Routine to Prepare you for the Slopes

Leg Strengthening Routine to Prepare you for the Slopes

If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding for the first time, you might have experienced a desire to stay in bed for a few days; not because you were tired, but because your legs hurt more than you cared to admit. Well, you’re not alone and it’s for good reason: a six-hour day on the slopes is basically like holding a six-hour wall sit or squat. It’s not much of a shock why you might feel the burn now, is it?

If you’re getting ready to gear up again because it’s been long enough that you forgot the pain, try a little preparation this time. Skiing and Snowboarding both require strength, stamina, and agility in your lower body. Here is a lower body routine that targets all three components which you can incorporate ahead of time to help reduce that post slope soreness. Try starting this program at least 3-4 weeks beforehand.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Sets: 4
Reps: 8-10
How to perform: Stand with your feet hip distance apart with a weighted barbell in front of you. Using an overhand grip, place hands on barbell just outside your legs. Keeping your back straight, begin to hinge at the hips lowering the bar towards the floor until your back is parallel to the floor. Maintain a straight back, keeping your knees slightly bent, lift the bar by extending your legs and squeezing your glutes. Repeat.

Pause Squats

Sets: 4
Reps: 10 with 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep
How to perform: Perform a standard squat, however at the bottom part of the movement, hold the squat position for 3 seconds before standing back up. Repeat.

Single-Leg Eccentric Leg Press

Sets: 4
Reps: 5 per leg, with 6 second eccentric each rep
How to perform: Load the leg press with about 60 to 70 percent of what you can lift with both legs. With one leg, lower the plate down for six seconds. When you’re at the bottom, push up with two feet. Repeat.

Backwards Treadmill Walk, alternating with Forward Treadmill Walk

Time: 60 seconds Backwards, followed by 60 seconds Forward
Repeat: 5x
How to perform: Initially start at a low speed to get into a good rhythm and hold onto the handrails as you turn backwards to forwards (and vice versa). When you feel comfortable and get used to it, increase the speed.

The wall sit

Time: 60 seconds
Repeat: 5x
How to perform: Wall sits are a great isometric exercise to build stamina and strength in your legs. Stand with your back against a wall, placing your feet about two feet out in front of you. Bending your knees, slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90 degree angles. Hold 60 seconds, and then stand back up.

Lateral Box Jumps

Sets: 3
Time: 30 seconds
How to perform: Start by standing on top of a box about knee-level (or lower) height. Jump off to left of box, soft landing with both feet. Immediately explode upward back to the starting position. Immediately repeat to right side; repeat in alternating fashion for 30 seconds.

Athlete Pictured: Ashley Winiecki
Follow her on Instagram for awesome content: @_smashly_24


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