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Men in Tights: Yay or Nay?

Men in Tights: Yay or Nay?

I'm here to discuss the very hot topic of men in tights; yes, that's men wearing those tight tight tights. You've seen it; you know that you have definitely seen it. So, do you do a double take? Do you look away? Do you support the athletic benefits cause? Do you consider it a trendy fashion statement? You either support it or you don't, and the sentiments are not particular to gender; let's lay it all on the line.


  • Trend/Fashion – they like to be up with the latest fashion trends, and we can't argue that these tights have permeated the industry – they're everywhere! I've gone to pick up a pair of tights that were so awesome, but the crotch was huge! Yup, those were for the men. Moving right along.
  • Comfort – they like to be all “kept in” and find them super comfortable to train in as well as lounge. I think that they understand why us women live in our leggings.
  • Athletic Performance – they like that the fabric and design tends to minimize skin discomfort (baggier clothing can rub against the thighs, causing irritation). Compression tights can offer more support and warmth, potentially improving performance and recovery.


  • Modesty – these guys don't want to reveal all their goods to the masses - perhaps leaving a little more to the imagination, ladies. Oh, so intriguing.
  • Self-Conscious – these guys have a few gains that they want to work on before throwing some extra attention to the lower region.
  • Too "fem" – these guys are too deep in their manhood to be wearing something that was made for the ladies. Is this insecurity? Hmmm, let's just leave that alone….for now.


  • "PLEASE DO!" – these women think that when a man wears tights it shows confidence and a good sense of manhood; they have the attitude of "who cares, why not? I wear them!"
  • "PLEASE DON'T!" – these women do not want to see the full package and find it too distracting; they do not think that men wearing tights is sexy by any means (they'd rather see you in a nice pair of jeans and a sleeveless shirt).


As with most hot topics, there is no one clear answer; it's all based on personal opinion and I'm going to give you mine. Men, if you're confident enough to wear tights, enjoy wearing tights, find wearing tights comfortable , fashionable, or functional, I say wear the freakin tights and own it! I mean football players wear tights and I don't think too many can argue with their sex appeal (but, I digress). If you want to wear shorts over your tights, go ahead! Just know that if you do, we are probably wondering what's going on under there, but no big deal, right? I say equal rights for all; women live in them, so men I'll hear you roar! Now…the color, yes…the color; this might be the only time where I will say, “no! no! no!” to light colors. Please just do not wear white, light gray, or another similar color; please wear black…very, very black. Drops the mic.


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