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Merry Christmas! The Greatest Gift of All.

T.J. Humphreys - Merry Christmas! The Greatest Gift of All.

The Greatest Gift of All

There it was, wrapped in shiny paper with a beautiful bow on top. It had my name on it, but I chose not to open it for almost 38 years. Others had encouraged me to open it; they said it's the most expensive gift anyone could receive, so expensive that someone paid their life for it. For 38 years I chose to wait, I chose to let my gift remain unopened because I felt I didn’t deserve it, I didn’t earn the right for such a gift. But today, this Christmas day, I walk towards this beautiful package, looking the same as it did 38 years ago, and I pick it up. I peel back the wrapper and bow, and I unwrap the most wonderful gift any man could ever receive....

Eight years ago, I received the gift of Salvation. No matter where you are this Christmas, or who you are with, there's a shiny gift for you under the tree. Reach for it, open it, and witness miracles in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Merry Christmas!

T.J. Humphreys


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