Foods to Ignite the Flame

So in true ProSupps style, we were determined to blaze our own trail; let's not do what others EXPECT us to do. So we decided to launch not ONE but TWO preworkouts AT THE SAME TIME. Two polar-opposite preworkout formulas to accomplish two totally separate functions.

"What to name it", the group asked each other. The names we kicked around were like a scene out of "Good Will Hunting", until JP Lanza, the quietest (but today's most active selfie taker of the group) said "Guys, it's easy… Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". The group looked at each other, looked at Jp, and for about 10 minutes thought JP was the smartest man on the planet. Naming done…

Now to formulas… we would only put the best ingredients at efficacious levels… the Prosupps creed wouldn't allow it any other way. So we spent weeks pouring over "white paper" studies on ingredients, and we developed the perfect preworkout ON PAPER. But would the ingredients work synergistically with one another? Would it be too overpowering? Would it be too expensive? One core principal we have always lived by; don't build products with price in mind, build products that work.

Fast forward four years… Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll can be found in over 42 countries and are considered some of the best preworkout formulas in the world. Although the formulas differ between countries, our formulation theme remains consistent… each formula is built for performance.

What's the moral of the story? It's impossible to be outnumbered if you refuse to take count. View each challenge as "opportunity", and sometimes the best selfie taker can also be the most creative guy in the room.

– BossmanTJ