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MyCookie and MyBar Are Now Available at a Vitamin Shoppe Near You!

MyCookie and MyBar Are now Available at a Vitamin Shoppe Near You

ProSupps LLC, a leading manufacturer in the Sports Nutrition industry, announced today that MyCookie and MyBar are now available at Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide! MyCookie, the oven-baked, soft textured cookie, is the most highly-anticipated protein snack to reach the market since ProSupps launched their very successful MyBar. The company, which prides itself on providing high quality products for its consumers, will offer both products at VS beginning April 2017.

ProSupps has been producing industry leading products since 2012. The company’s popular Mr. HYDE pre-workout has been a staple at VS for several years and the addition of MY Cookie and MY Bar will be a huge value for both companies.

To learn more about these protein snacks or any ProSupps product visit the website at To participate in the upcoming MyCookie Tasting Week please check the store list below.

My Cookie Tasting Week April 10-15 at various Vitamin Shoppe locations all across the country.


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