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Mr. Hyde Icon Press Release

Frisco, TX (February 22, 2019) Meet Mr. HYDE® ICON, ProSupps® first entry into the super-premium, complete, performance-based pre-workout, developed for people who invest time in the gym. This innovative, unique and science led formula, is packed with eight trademarked and patented premium ingredients, that will deliver a soul crushing workout experience that will increase athletes' strength, power, energy, endurance, pumps, focus, performance, thermogenesis and recovery.† Mr. Hyde® ICON is perfect for anyone looking for an undeniable edge in the gym.

"Mr. HYDE® ICON is so much more than just a pre-workout. It's the personal best you haven't been able to achieve, until now. We built this product to deliver a complete training experience that makes the next workout better than the last." says TJ. Humphreys, ProSupps® Founder/Owner.

Mr. Hyde® ICON formula has been built with Nitrosigine®, NSK-SD®40 and CAPROS®, to support elevated nitric oxide levels for increased pumps and blood flow, while boosting nitric oxide levels and nutrient delivery. These ingredients, combined with Peak02®, that promotes recovery and increased oxygen uptake, elevATP®, that supports peak strength & power output, Dynamine® and TeaCrine® for intense, rapid energy & improved mood/training motivation and CaloriBurn GP™, which promotes elevated thermogenesis – delivers a truly one of a kind pre-workout experience.

Mr. Hyde® ICON has 0 sugar, 0 carbs, is gluten free, and comes in three flavors: Athena - Mango Citrus Warfare , Poseidon - Blueberry Lemon Wrath , Zeus - Raspberry Lime Thunder. The product will be available for pre-sale from Vitamin Shoppe (online) March 4th, in-store April 8th, and will be available nationwide May 6th.

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Frisco, TX – ProSupps® is a leading sports nutrition brand, delivering innovative, quality, performance-based products to bodybuilders, athletes and fitness fanatics everywhere. Though widely known for their massively popular Mr. Hyde® and Dr Jekyll® pre-workout products, ProSupps® product portfolio also includes a full range of intra, post workout and diet and weight management products. Today, ProSupps® exists to unleash the Alpha in every athlete. For more information or to find a store that carries ProSupps® visit (

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