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New Product Alert- Mr. Hyde Ready To Drink

Mr. Hyde RTD press release

FRISCO, Texas — At ProSupps®, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and enhance our existing products. This time, we’re reinventing the idea of pre-workout supplements with our latest development, Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink.

Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink is the perfect solution for busy folks who want to simplify their pre-workout regimen. It’s packed with the many of the same power and performance-boosting ingredients as our Mr. Hyde® NitroX pre-workout, but without the inconvenience of having to mix up a powdered drink.

When it comes to on-the-go pre-workout supplements, Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink is flat-out the most powerful product on the market today. Made with 400mg of caffeine, it provides twice as much energy as the leading pre-workout supplement.

Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink also features our Strength and Power Matrix and Intensity Matrix. The Strength and Power Matrix includes a full 6g dose of citrulline malate to stimulate blood flow for maximum pumps and 3.2g beta-alanine to minimize fatigue and increase endurance. The Intensity Matrix, comprised of other beneficial ingredients like Yohimbe and TeaCrine, works with the Strength and Power Matrix for better energy, long-lasting laser focus, and improved fat-burning potential.

Like all other ProSupps® pre-workouts, Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink is formulated with high-quality, patented, and research-backed ingredients. It contains zero sugar, carbs, and calories and is also gluten-free.

The key difference between Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink and other ProSupps® pre-workouts is the convenience factor. This product is designed specifically for busy Alphas, the ones who live life in the fast lane and need to make every second count.

If you’re rushing from work to the gym, you don’t have time to stop and mix up a pre-workout. Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink ensures you get the pump up you need to crush your workout, but it won’t slow down your pre-workout routine. All you have to do is pop off the lid and start drinking. No stirring required. Mr. Hyde® Ready to Drink will be available for purchase, this summer, at Vitamin Shoppe and major gyms nation-wide. To learn more, visit


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