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New Year Shred Guide

New Year Shred Guide

Building that Summer bod starts NOW! We've put together all the tools you need to get on track in 7 simple steps. The ProSupps New Year Shred Guide will take you step by step on a 30 day journey that will change your life! #ProSuppsNewYou

  • Cleanse

    Your body is about to enter an intense 30 day shredding phase. Preparing your body the correct way will ensure that you get the most out of this program.

  • Meal Prep Guide

    Ever heard that phrase "Abs are made in the kitchen"? Do not take this lightly, a fitness program is indeed 80% nutrition. Follow our 30 day meal guide to see for yourself!

  • Workout Guide

    Anyone can enter a gym and workout. But do you know the best workouts to maximize weight loss? Check out our 30 day workout guide to get a boost!

  • Cardio Guide

    Ohhhh, cardio. We love to hate you. Let's suck it up together and kick it up a notch to get those summer bods ready. Our cardio routine is fool-proof!

  • Supplement Guide

    Supplements for a summer-ready body… what do I need!? We've outlined the essentials for a successful 30 day shred program.

  • Getting the Rest You Need

    We all love sleep! Are you getting enough?? Rest is one of the most essential pieces to the fitness puzzle. Maximize results by improving your sleep pattern, click to find out how.

  • Get Motivated

    A 30 day shred program sounds amazing and scary all at the same time… so how do we get focused and STAY focused!? Check out our tips to help stay the course.

Now, let's GO! We're riding along for the journey! Comment below with any questions or let us know how your shred program is going. Also remember to tag @prosupps and #ProSuppsNewYear and we will help motivate you along the way!


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