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ProSupps Partners With IndyCar

ProSupps Partners With IndyCar And Driver Sebastien Bourdais

Life at 200mph

ProSupps is excited to announce our new partnership with the Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan team on the No. 18 IndyCar being driven by Sébastien Bourdais. He is one of the most successful race car drivers in American Championship racing history and this partnership couldn't be a better fit.

ProSupps had a chance to speak with Sébastien regarding his preparation for the upcoming IndyCar season. Here's what you can learn from the secrets he uses to stay calm under tectonic pressure.

Fitness is Everything

"I work out regularly," explains Bourdais. "During the off-season, I train at least four times a week. The workouts include a mix of kayaking, cycling and core fitness including some weight lifting. For us drivers, if you get tired the consequences can be pretty dramatic. It is about being in the best possible shape you can be in."

It's a simple philosophy: a healthy body creates a healthy high-performance mind.

Shouldering the G-Force

Bourdais uses a mix of neck strengthening exercises to cope with the tremendous demands of a race.

"I do it statically with weights," he says.

To employ this yourself, you can attach a strap to a cable crossover weight tower and loop the other end around your head, walk two steps away from it and hold that position for 1 minute to keep your neck powered up for anything life and sport can throw at it.

Winning Nutrition

"I eat two hours before a race," he smiles. "It's usually some pasta with some chicken. Or it's mashed potatoes, but honestly I can eat anything as long as it is healthy and tastes good."

While this seems very similar to a marathon runner's pre-race meal plan, he is driving for hours at a time which is why this nutrition strategy makes perfect sense.

Coping with Adrenal Fatigue

When asked how he deals with pressure, the answer is cool, calm and collected.

"By being in the best shape I can possibly be in," he says. "This means core work and cardio and by eating properly and hydrating."

It's the fitness fundamentals that will always yield the greatest dividends.

Dealing with a Crash

In last season's Indy500, he suffered a horror crash but has fought back to make a return to the prestigious circuit.

"It was a crash like any other," he explains. "I know what happened, so there are no lingering effects. However, it was important to me to get back in the car as soon as possible. That is why I was determined to race before the end of last season."

The Winning Feeling

Being one of the most successful drivers in the sport, his mental tactics for success are simple.

"It was my passion before it was my job and it is still my passion," he says. "I have never changed my approach."

Those are words to live by, regardless of what sport you play.


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