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2017 Resolutions: sticking to it ... or stuck?

New Years Resolution... Sticking to it... or are you stuck?

We are finishing up the 1st month of the new year. How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you sticking to them; or, are you stuck?


You are not alone! There are so many reasons why we might have difficulties sticking to our goals. Perhaps they were too lofty, perhaps something "just came up", perhaps the goal wasn’t something that we were all that passionate about, etc. The point is, it happens! Remember, we are supposed to be empowered by our resolutions and challenged to improve in an area of our lives that we want to improve. Therefore, our goals should be close to our hearts. If you’re feeling misguided or a lack of passion, then you should certainly change your goal(s) to fuel your passion. If you are just having difficulty due to “life in general,” check out some of our helpful hints below to get you right on track.


Here are 6 simple examples or ideas that can help us to refocus on achieving our goals:

  1. Try something different! Example: if you chose to work out and are not loving it – choose a different activity that you will actually look forward to.

  2. Create a smaller goal! Sometimes our goals can be too big, which is overwhelming. Example: instead of having a lofty goal of losing 30 lbs., instead focus on losing 2-3 lb. each month.

  3. Improvise! Example: If you wanted to spend more time with loved ones, but your busy schedule is inhibiting you, do a phone call instead.

  4. Ask for help/support! Example: ask your family to encourage you as you choose to eat healthier by doing it right along with you.

  5. Reward yourself for your progress! Even if you haven’t fully accomplished your goals, commend yourself for every step that you take toward achieving that goal. Remember, progress is progress.

  6. Be your own cheerleader! If you are struggling, don’t beat yourself up about changing your goal. That’s what life is about! Plus, it can help you learn even more about yourself which is always a great thing.


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