Sustained Energy With Teacrine

Sustained Energy With Teacrine

TeaCrine™ Theacrine has been clinically tested in human trials and it has been concluded that it can provide pure, clean energy, as well as support the natural processes necessary to complete intense training sessions or to get you through those long days at the office or in the classroom. It is important to note that TeaCrine™ is not a form of caffeine but is very similar in its molecular build thus providing very similar benefits as caffeine.

Since TeaCrine™ is not a form of caffeine they can be stacked together to provide a premium energy and mood enhancing blend. TeaCrine™ will help enhance the caffeine’s effect on the body and mind, making this the ultimate 1-2 combination.

Not only will TeaCrine™ provide you with sustained energy release, but it will also help play an effect on your mood and mind. TeaCrine™ has been shown to enhance focus and concentration in test subjects, as well as improving mood and motivation. Not only will you be firing on all cylinders at the gym, but you can also have that laser-like focus to create the mind-muscle connection that will help you optimize your movements and lifts which will provide greater lean muscle mass and improved body composition.

One final note is that you should not experience the jitters that some feel from taking too many stimulants at once and it is shown that you can continue to reap the benefits of TeaCrine™ by taking the same dose over time; your body will not build up a tolerance as it does with some other supplements where you must continually up the dose to continue to feel the effects that you once did on a smaller dose.


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