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The Blueprint to Massive Shoulders

The Blueprint to Massive Shoulders

Add width and depth to your upper body by developing well-rounded shoulders. To build those “boulder shoulders” you need to understand that there are three different heads that must be worked to get symmetrical growth. The shoulder is composed of the anterior head (front delt), middle head (middle delt) and the posterior head (rear delt).

It is important when constructing your shoulder workout that you include multi-jointed exercises where you can go a bit heavier on the lifts to build strength and size, but at the same time, add in isolation moves that focus on all three parts of the delts equally.

There are variations of each exercises you can do, but below is a delt demolition that is sure to put you on track for those striated, pumpkin delts you’ve seen on some of your favorite competitors and fitness models.


Exercise Sets and Reps
Barbell Overhead Military Presses 4 x 10–12
Seated Dumbbell Military Presses 4 x 10-12
DB Alternative Front Raises 3 x 12-15
DB Side Lateral Raises 3 x 12-15
DB Bent Over Lateral Raises 3 x 12-15
DB Shrugs 3 x 10-12


Advanced Technique – Drop Sets: For any of these exercises you can use the advanced technique of drop sets to push the limits and get an even greater pump and more muscle growth during one or all of the exercises.

On the last set, complete your typical rep range and then drop down to a weight that is about 10-20% less than what you were previously doing and rep that weight out to failure; at completion, drop the weight by another 10-20% and complete reps to failure.


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