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The ProSupps Family

The ProSupps Family

When goals and dreams are shared, hard work and efforts are matched, and teammates and co-workers become family, a beautiful synergy is created. Our End-of-Year meetings with the entire ProSupps family proved to be exactly that.

Although we only ALL get together in one physical location twice a year, it feels like not a day has passed the moment that we all unite. Handshakes are exchanged for hugs and the energy can be felt from across the room. Then, the meetings happen and the magic begins!

We spent hours in pure excitement discussing upcoming projects and new product launches, recording videos in different languages for our international customers, developing innovative strategies across all channels from supply chain to marketing to operations to name it, we covered it!

The day doesn't end never ends. We hop in cars and continue our retreat doing what we love! We give it our all in the office and then put forth that same effort all over again on the gym floor. We are passionate. We are ProSupps.

Gym time is over and now it's time to break bread with family; off to dinner it is! Yes, family dinners every single night to end the evening in gratitude for a day well spent; until the next day when we get to do it all over again.

Our End of Year meetings only signify one thing: the beginning of our best year yet.


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