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Tips On How To Stay Motivate During Prep

Tips On How To Stay Motivate During Prep

Not only is prep physically demanding, but in most cases, a competitor encounters more mental obstacles throughout their journey. Yes, our bodies are taking a beating day in and day out, but it’s finding the motivation to stay on track for long periods of time that can be the most difficult aspect about competing.

At the beginning of prep, most of us find ourselves with an “I am going to conquer the world” mentality. But at some point, or maybe at several points, we find ourselves mentally and physically shot. This article will touch upon a couple of tips, tricks and routines that may make prep more enjoyable.

The truth of the matter is, if prep were easy, everyone would be a competitor. And if you’re not truly enjoying the process of getting stage ready, then maybe this isn’t the sport for you. But all that put aside, what can you be doing on a daily basis in order to enjoy your prep a little more.

Changing Your Mindset
First and foremost, and quite possibly the most important aspect about enjoying your prep is, changing your mindset completely. If you are not, as people like to say, “about that life,” and only see stepping on stage as a check off your bucket list, then you my friend will probably hate prep. Prep shouldn’t be that drastic of a lifestyle change from what you’re doing all year around. Yes, your diet maybe a little different, and maybe you are doing a little more cardio than you usually would, but if you truly are a fitness competitor then you must immerse yourself into the lifestyle completely. Once you really fall in love with the lifestyle, the process of getting ready for your next show will become easier mentally.

Looking Back
Taking progress pictures is probably one of the most effective ways to stay motivated throughout your prep and fitness journey. It is very difficult to notice subtle changes in your daily “flex off” in the mirror, but progress pictures will allow you to analyze overall body composition changes and set new and realistic goals for yourself.

Day By Day
The whole point of a “prep” or fitness journey is to become better than you were yesterday. By challenging yourself daily, you learn to motivate yourself by breaking your own PR’s. Whether it’s running a faster mile, doing 1 more pull up than usual, or upping your weights on your next leg day, hitting new personal records will always keep you motivated.

When it is all said and done, staying motivated is a choice you have to make for yourself. Changing your perception about prep, looking back at how far you’ve come, and taking each training session and meal day by day are some of the most effective ways to keep you mentally healthy and motivated. Your fitness journey is about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and knowing that you have control of the outcome. So Stay Positive!


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