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What is Nitrosigine?


Nitrosigine is created using a unique incorporation of bonding arginine, inositol, and potassium silicate combining to harness the coronary function-improving effects of both arginine and silicate in an inositol-stabilized form that promises improved bioavailability of both the silicate and the arginine compared to traditional L-arginine alone.

What are the benefits and research of Nitrosigine supplementation?

There are a wide array of positive benefits of incorporating Nitrosigine with the first in regards to the interest of many trainees, improved muscle pumps and cardiovascular health. It has been demonstrated in research that Nitrosigine increases vasodilation and cardiovascular health as well as positively impacting health markers that are indicative of cardiovascular, metabolic and renal function. A key feature of Nitrosigine as well is that the body doesn’t appear to build a tolerance to its effects over time, but rather improve in effectiveness.

Further supported with data is that Nitrosigine specifically plays a role in improving blood flow via the relaxation of the smooth muscle in blood vessels. Impressively, data has shown specifically that Nitrosigine promotes the relaxation of blood vessels up to 500% more effectively than traditional L-Arginine. It is also important to note the key and complementary effect that silicon has in Nitrosigine. Silicon itself has been shown to increase the strength and flexibility of arterial walls which leads to an improved blood flow and state of cardiovascular health.

Specifically in regards to ingestion for pre-training implementation, Nitrosigine has been shown to significantly increase plasma silicon levels for up to 1.5 hours after consuming, a much longer period than traditional arginine. Furthermore, it has been shown that in regards to plasma silicon levels, there is a 200% more effective noted intake compared to consumption of silicon through other intake.

Last but not least, Nitrosigine has even been shown to help improve recovery as research has indicated that it can significantly reduce markers of muscle damage from exercise such as creatine kinase. Clinical research showed that Nitrosigine reduced creatine kinase levels after exercise by up to 56% compared to placebo.

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly improves blood flow for muscle pumps via blood vessel relaxation†
  • Positively impacts markers of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic function†
  • Shown to increase in effectiveness from sustained use over time†

Are there any adverse side effects with Nitrosigine use?

There has been a large amount of safety data collected in regards to the use of Nitrosigine and there are no current negative indications associated with doses up to 1500mg daily. Nitrosigine is accepted by Food and Drug Administration as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Bottom Line:
Nitrosigine is a novel ingredient that has a variety of positive effects not just for performance enhancement, but cardiovascular health. From improving muscle pumps via increased blood flow to improving cardiovascular health markers, Nitrosigine is one of the top ingredients available today.

  • Promotes relaxation of smooth muscle in blood vessels†
  • Improves vasodilation and cardiovascular health markers†
  • Enhances blood flow translating to increased pumps and endurance†
  • Shown to sustain positive effects for up to 6 hours post ingestion†
  • Consistent use has been shown to improve effects over time†

ProSupps Products Containing Nitrosigine:

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Make your gym bag lighter and your workout stronger with Dr. Jekyll® PUMP Liquid Shots. This stimulant-free formula can be taken alone or stacked with your favorite pre-workout to maximize muscle volume thanks to the triple threat: Nitrosigine, HydroMax and Citrulline. Designed for those who want all the power of a pump product in one quick swig. Easy. Delicious. Liquid fast.

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