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Why Does Spring Cleaning Make Us Feel So good?

Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Soul

With slowly rising temperatures, longer days, and signs of life reawakening all around us - the onset of spring is a chance to reboot, renew, and start fresh - in all aspects of life. Spring cleaning is hyped up for a reason - it just feels good. This post is all about why spring cleaning brings with it all of those good feelings.

It's an opportunity to both liven and switch things up.

If the drab and dull tones of winter had you down, the bright, cheery shades of spring will turn your mood around, very quickly. There have been multiple studies that have linked colors to moods - indicating that the airy pastels of spring not only induce happy feelings, but also mellowness. Let that warm creamy yellow sun shine in, and let the good vibes roll.

It's a new beginning – full of possibilities and the chance to start fresh.

Close your eyes and picture in your head a blank sheet of paper, an empty chalkboard, or an empty box – just waiting to be filled with thoughts and ideas. That clean slate is exactly what you're left with when you've finished your tasks - and those possibilities feel pretty good, indeed.

It increases productivity, which in turn increases feelings of accomplishment.

Think of how much more you will get done in a neater, tidier space. You can streamline virtually anything and everything to your needs - and watch as you get more done, quicker. You may even find a lost item, or two!

It's physical activity, also known as exercise.

We all know that exercise releases all those feel-good endorphins, right? Getting up and getting things done is exercise, without the intense feeling. In fact, you'd be surprised by the amount of calories you burn doing even the most unexciting chores. For example, you can burn up to 90 calories doing 30 minutes of vacuuming.

You will feel so satisfied after a job well-done.

There is nothing more gratifying than completing a goal you set for yourself – and spring cleaning most certainly falls into that category. Not only will you be put in a better mood with the completed task, but you'll have a neat and tidy space to show for it – too.

Refresh, renew, and usher the spring in with a little spring cleaning of your own. Your mind and body will thank you.


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