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It Starts With You

It Starts With You

These are your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations. So why are you sitting back expecting them to magically be delivered by someone else or something else? Placing our most valuable possession, our dreams, in the hands of others is a recipe for failure. To truly achieve greatness, understand something very real; that the guy or girl sitting next to you at the office, in the gym, or in the locker room wants what is yours, and they will stop at NOTHING to take it from you. They will work harder, longer, stronger and smarter than you. Look in the mirror; are you going to let it happen or are you going to MAKE it happen?

You have been here before; maybe you sat back and waited for the gift of good fortune to fall conveniently in your’d that work out for you? Here’s the truth…NOTHING COMES EASY IN LIFE…NOTHING. But if you are willing to work, willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will achieve greatness. Are you resilient enough to get knocked down, kicked around and have the inner strength to take the beating and, with a bloodied smile, look your challenge in the face and question, “is that all you got”?

You can’t beat a guy or girl who doesn’t quit. It starts with you, period. Make it happen, or someone else will.

T.J. Humphreys

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