Take Your Training Outdoors

Take Your Training Outdoors

With beautiful days ahead of us, there is no denying the appeal of switching things up by getting your workout on in the great outdoors. This spring and summer, mix up your routine with these 5 great exercises that require no equipment – perfect for taking your workout outside!

  1. Jump Up and Burn Calories

    In discussing bodyweight exercises, plyometrics are king for toning muscles and getting in a great calorie burn. Pick a wide-open spot in a grassy field or local track and try some burpees, high knees, squat jumps, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers. You'll get a full-body workout in no time at all, and get some quality cardiovascular work done in the process.

  2. Run the Distance

    When it comes to getting a great cardio workout in, no exercise is more effective than good old fashioned running. Take advantage of a beautiful day, and explore the great outdoors with a steady-state run at the park, or some HIIT-style track sprints – and torch some serious calories.

  3. Monkey Around

    If you were anything like me, you loved swinging around on the monkey bars at the jungle gym as a kid – just for the fun of it. These days, the jungle gym should not be discounted as a great place to get a functional workout in. Try some pull ups, leg lifts, and lateral moves on the monkey bars for a great upper body workout. Your body weight can work with you to torch some serious calories.

  4. Swimming

    Another great cardio and upper body workout can be found at your local beach or pool – swimming. Swimming not only builds a strong back, shoulders, and arms – working against water resistance is no joke! – but it also burns tons of calories without you even breaking a sweat. How many, you ask? Well, you would burn about 500 calories just swimming at a slow to moderate pace for 60 mins, for the average 150 pound person. Not bad at all!

  5. Step it Up

    If you have a park with benches, or a track with spectator benches – you've got the perfect setting to make your body work do some work for you, with aerobic-style stepping exercises. You can run the benches, to imitate your favorite stepmill exercises – or use that bench as you would an aerobic stepper – for kickbacks, lunges, and other vertically inclined fitness moves. No matter what you choose to do, you'll be burning out your leg muscles in the most beneficial way possible.

Take advantage of sunnier days and warmer temperatures with an outdoor workout, today!