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The Real Risk is Doing Nothing

The Real Risk is Doing Nothing

Five years ago, I experienced one of the most difficult choices I have ever had to make in my life. And I wasn’t just making a choice for myself; I had 5 other guys and their families relying on my ability to make the right choice. I had to choose to start my professional career over, from scratch… no security blanket, no guarantees. I was comfortable being an entrepreneur, taking risks, but these risks were not just my own anymore… if I failed, there were 5 families, young children, that indirectly and unknowingly were taking the risk with me. Five years ago, on February 5th 2012, after dealing with an extremely abusive and unhealthy work environment, 6 courageous guys decided that living a professional life absent of negativity and hate, even if that "new" life provided no guarantees, was better than "guaranteed' misery. ProSupps has been so many things to us since then; it has mentored us, it has conditioned us to accept "challenge" as a means to change, it has summoned greatness in each of us, greatness that many of us never knew existed. ProSupps has brought us so close to so many people all around the globe, many of which I could have never dreamed to have met in 10 lifetimes. Most importantly, ProSupps has shown us, and I hope has shown all of those that have been on this journey with us, that with dedication, perseverance, tenacity and passion, all things are possible… Nothing, and I mean nothing, cannot be achieved when the strength of your heart and mind out-will fear.

Thank you all for believing in us… from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving this small group of guys with a dream the opportunity to make life-changes in millions around the world.

TJ Humphreys

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