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Muscle Up Stack


Muscle Up Stack

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It's time to Muscle Up and GO BIG! This bulking stack was built for those looking for serious gains.

HYDE Test Surge has the power of our iconic HYDE energy matrix, with the addition of a 381mg Testosterone Boosting Matrix. This formula features key ingredients like DIM, Shoden and Boron for the ultimate power and stamina boost.

CreaGEN promotes increased muscle growth, strength, power and recovery with 3g of premium-grade Creatine Monohydrate per serving fortified with 1.​5g of Calcium HMB and 1g of Betaine Anhydrous.

HydroBCAA️ +Essentials’ formula features 10g of EAAs with 7g of a research supported 2:​1:​1 BCAA ratio, and a 150mg electrolyte matrix to promote exercise recovery, muscle repair and hydration.

Gain is loaded with all the nutrients you need to fuel and build quality muscles. This super mass gainer is loaded with 1,200+ calories, 50g of protein and over 230 carbs per serving.

  • Maximizes Power Output
  • Elevates Exercise Performance
  • Supports Muscle Growth Promotes Muscle Recovery
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