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Training to increase strength is all about low reps and high resistance. It's less about taxing your muscles and more about working your central nervous system (CNS). Read More...

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  1. Dr. Jekyll PUMP Liquid Shots Orange Sherbet Small

    Liquid Shot Muscle Volumizer

    Dr. Jekyll PUMP Liquid Shots

    Endurance, Pumps, Recovery, Hydration

  2. Mr Hyde Icon Small

    Premium Pre-Workout Energy Powder

    Mr. Hyde Icon

    Strength, Power, Energy, Endurance, Pumps, Performance & Recovery

  3. Dr. Jekyll Core 30 Servings Blueberry Lemonade Small

    Pre-Workout Stimulant-Free, Caffeine-Free Energy Powder

    Dr. Jekyll

    Intense Focus, Energy & Pumps †

  4. NO3 Drive Powder

    Pre-Workout Pump Enhancer Powder

    NO3 Drive Powder

    Enhanced Pumps, Endurance & Performance†

  5. Hyde Power Potion

    Performance Energy Drink

    Hyde Power Potion (15 Ct)

    Intense Sustained Energy†

  6. Mr. Hyde NitroX 30 Servings Pixie Dust Small

    Pre-Workout Intense Energy Powder

    Mr. Hyde NitroX

    Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus†

  7. Mr. Hyde Signature 30 Servings Blue Razz Popsicle Small

    Pre-Workout Performance Energy Powder

    Mr. Hyde Signature

    Sustained Energy, Performance & Focus†

  8. Dr. Jekyll NitroX

    Pre-Workout Low Stim Energy Powder

    Dr. Jekyll NitroX

    Enhanced Energy, Pumps & Performance†

  9. HydroBCAA 30 Servings Texas Tea Small

    Full Spectrum BCAA + EAA Powder


    Refuel, Repair, Recover, Rehydrate†

  10. Mr. Hyde NitroX RTG

    Pre-Workout Intense Energy Powder Drink

    Mr. Hyde NitroX RTG

    Sustained Energy, Pumps & Focus†

  11. Hyde Power Shot Fruit Punch Small

    Energy Shot

    Hyde Power Shot

    Intense Sustained Energy†

  12. PS ISO-P3

    Isolate Protein Powder


    Build & Maintain Lean Muscle†

  13. PS Whey

    Whey Protein Powder

    PS Whey

    Build & Maintain Lean Muscle†

  14. IncrediBULK

    Bulking Protein Powder


    Build & Maintain Muscle Mass†

  15. I-Load 90 Capsules

    Carb Transport Support Capsule


    Build & Maintain Muscle Mass†

  16. Crash 60 Capsules

    Nighttime Recovery Capsule


    Grow & Recover†

  17. Halotropin 90 Capsules

    Natural Testosterone Support Capsule


    Support Natural Hormonal Balance†

  18. NO3 Drive 90 Capsules

    Pre-Workout Pump Enhancer Capsule

    NO3 Drive Capsule

    Enhanced Pumps, Endurance & Performance†

  19. Creatine 200

    Creatine Powder

    Creatine 200

    Grow & Recover†

  20. Glutamin 300

    Glutamine Powder

    Glutamine 300

    Refuel, Repair & Recover†

  21. Amino 23 Citrus Punch

    Liquid Amino Acid


    Refuel, Repair & Recover†

21 Items

per page
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Training to increase strength is all about low reps and high resistance. It's less about taxing your muscles and more about working your central nervous system (CNS). Lifting for strength is typically best between 3-5 reps and 2-5 sets. Over time, your CNS, adapts to the added load by increasing motor unit recruitment and training itself to bring more muscle and energy into the game.

With a focus on strength and lifting heavier loads, you are forced to reduce time under tension and utilize momentum for fast high twitch movements using more muscles. As such you need more time for rest and recovery time as well as proper nutrition to prevent injury and sickness. That's where supplements can help take the edge off and keep your training sharp and methodical.

Supplements like creatine are proven to increase strength and boost levels of hormones involved in muscle growth like IGF-1. Amino Acids and protein supplements are essential to repair the muscle breakdown and tears and help them grow larger and stronger. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in your muscles and is depleted heavily during strength and resistance training. Supplementing with glutamine further minimizes the breakdown of muscle and improves the protein metabolism, so you are less likely to get sick or feel fatigued. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, ProSupps has the perfect supplements to help you crank out extra reps and take your strength training to the next level.

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