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  • Mr. Hyde Energy Shots - Sugar FREE - Only 5 Calories Mr. Hyde Energy Shots - Sugar FREE - Only 5 Calories

Mr. Hyde Energy Shot

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Quick Overview

  • 400 mg caffeine per bottle (2 servings of 200 mg)

  • Sugar Free, Only 5 Calories

  • Instant Energy and Focus

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What is Mr. Hyde Energy Shot?

Mr. Hyde Energy Shot is an ultra-concentrated, intense energy booster. This product was specifically created as a convenient option for someone to grab at any time and get a quick jolt. Containing 200 mg of caffeine per serving (400 mg in the whole shot), this is a must for the business person running from meeting to meeting, the college student studying late at night, or the athlete in the middle of a workout.

  • Intense Energy Shot for Instant Energy and Focus
  • 200 mg Caffeine Per Serving (400 mg Per Shot/2 Servings Per Bottle)
  • Only 5 Calories and Sugar Free
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Begin with one-quarter bottle (about 3 cap-fulls) of Mr. Hyde Energy Shot to assess tolerance. Never exceed more than one half bottle per 12 hours or one bottle daily. One half bottle is equal to one full serving. Do not consume with other caffeinated products. Use or discard contents within 48 hours of opening.

  • What is Mr. Hyde Shot, is it a pre-workout?

    Mr. Hyde Shot is an intense, ultra-concentrated energy shot. It can be used pre-workout for a quick energy boost as it contains 200mg of caffeine per serving (each shot contains 2 servings or 400mg caffeine). We would recommend the shot for those mid-day crashes in energy, prepping for a late night or partying or helping you studying those few extra hours for school. Mr. Hyde Energy Shot is different than Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout as the energy shot only contains caffeine, amino’s and vitamins.

    Mr. Hyde NitroX and/or Dr. Jekyll NitroX Pre-Workout would be a better choice for a pre-workout as they contain other "pump" and muscle enhancing ingredients like Creatine Nitrate, Agmatine sulfate and Citrulline Aspartate.