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MMA fighter

Vinny Magalhães

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Vinny Magalhaes MMA Fighter


  • Home: Brazil
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Off-season weight: 235 lbs
  • Fight Weight: 205 lbs
  • Why do you train/fight? I've always enjoyed the physical and mental challenges that martial arts brings me. I've been doing this since I was 13 years old, and I wouldn't change anything about the choices I've made that led me to become a professional athlete.
  • What workout gets you fired up? I love Muay Thai pad work. In live sparring and grappling I get to do anything I want. I don't get really excited about lifting weights, but when it comes to pad work, I get pushed physically and mentally, and depending on how my coach is feeling those days, I get nearly killed in each of those sessions. Haha!
  • Favorite ProSupps products? HydroBCAA, PS Casein, & Iso-P3
  • What's your next big goal? Win PFL MMA Season 2018 and get that $1 million dollar check that's up for grabs.
  • Weirdest thing on your workout playlist? Russian rap. (I don't understand what they're saying, but I enjoy the beats lol)
  • What's the best advice you ever got? Time off doesn't exist, stay consistent so you don't have to waste time to get yourself in shape again. Whenever there's a competition coming up, if you're always in shape, you can use that time to work on improving your skills or developing new ones.
  • What does it mean to be an Alpha? Every athlete has to have that alpha mentality; that's what competition is about. If you don't believe you're the best, or at least believe that you can be the best, there's no point of being a competitor. That should be the mentality of any competitor no matter which sport they practice. In fact, I believe that's the mentality to have not just as an athlete but as a human being. Anything you choose to do in life, you have to believe that you are the one who has things under control and that you can achieve your goals.


  • 5+ magazine articles


  • 3x Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
  • Nogi Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
  • ADCC World Champion
  • 6x consecutive Rio de Janeiro State Champion
  • Brazilian National Champion
  • 2x US National Champion
  • Pan American Champion
  • MMA Former Titan FC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • MMA Former M-1 Global Light Heavyweight Champion
  • The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Runner-Up
  • 5x UFC Veteran
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed
  • Vinny Magalhaes Instagram Feed

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Vinny Magalhaes MMA Fighter

"Whenever you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right."

Vinny MagalhãesMMA fighter

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