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The ProSupps Story

Who We Are Vinny

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ProSupps Founder TJ Humphreys
"A dream means nothing unless you do something to activate it." TJ HumphreysFounder

Our Story

We didn't start ProSupps® because we needed to, we started it because we wanted to. We were a small group of dudes groomed by iron, that were tired of sifting through the sea of sports nutrition products, built by people behind desks and not behind squat racks. We believed we could do it better, by building best-in-class products that bodybuilders, performance athletes and fitness fanatics like us wanted. Armed with the right products, and our unrelenting passion to crush barriers and inspire greatness, ProSupps® was born. Today, ProSupps® is a global army of Alpha competitors and believers, whose purpose is simple — to unlock the Alpha in each one of us.

ProSupps Our Story

We exist to unleash the alpha in every athlete because we know what’s inside you.

Product Innovation

At the heart of ProSupps®, is a rebellious spirit that will forever push against the status quo and redefine what’s possible. Our products are the proof. Our mad sports scientists are working to give you the best and most powerful performance nutrition available. And we stay close to the community, listening to the people in the gym who are grinding with our products. We get better every day, so you can get better every day.

ProSupps Product Innovation

Commitment to Quality

  • Backed by Science

    Our products are created in our in-house lab by scientists and tested in the gym.

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  • Unique Formulas

    We use researched quality ingredients that exceed industry standards.

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  • Uncompromising Quality

    We only manufacture in facilities that strictly adhere to cGMP practices for integrity and safety.

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Our Culture

We're not just a product, we're a movement

ProSupps Culture
ProSupps has always been about the people; the grass roots, the tribe. We stand with our PS Army all around the world. Challenging, fueling, and inspiring each other to be the best.

Winning Team

ProSupps Culture
We are a tribe of lifelong competitors, athletes fitness warriors and people who live the gym. We work together and we workout together. And together, we are unstoppable.

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