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Shedding Fat With L-Carnitine

Shedding Fat With L-Carnitine

In order to lose fat and get shredded, most people will go on some new fad diet, add in some cardio to their workout regimen, grab an over-the-counter weight loss miracle pill they heard about on a daily television show, or a combination of all of these things. What if you could buy one supplement that is proven to help you burn off fat by converting it into energy?

The supplement we would be talking about is L-Carnitine. This amino acid plays a significant role in boosting your body’s metabolism, enhancing recovery and preventing muscle fatigue. L-Carnitine can transport fatty acids from food into the mitochondria of the cell where it is then converted into energy. This allows you to burn fat during workouts, and at the same time, will prevent muscle failure, fatigue and that sluggishness feeling during dieting. The energy that is produced from the fatty acids can be used by the heart, brain and muscle, causing a positive effect on all three of these parts in the body.

Other benefits of L-Carnitine includes increasing endurance and enhancing muscle recovery.  Also, L-Carnitine is stimulant-free. It does not contain anything such as caffeine or other stimulants that are popularly found in other energy supplements and drinks. This is important to note because you can take this any time of day or add it to your current supplement stack that may include a stimulated fat burner and/or a pre-workout supplement.

Due to L-carnitine being able to be absorbed quickly into the body, especially in liquid form, the best time to take would be in the morning and prior to workouts. It is recommended that you take between 2-4g of L-carnitine per day, divided into two to three evenly divided dosages.


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