Best Exercises For Every Body Part

Best Exercises For Every Body Part

The very best exercises you can do to maximize the growth achieved in every single body part.

The best leg exercise: Barbell Squats

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research surveyed hundreds of strength coaches and the squat ranked as the best overall exercise for adding leg muscle.

The best exercise to build your V-shape: Lat Pulldowns

The same above study cited the lat pulldown as the best builder of upper-back mass because it could isolate your back muscles. For a cobra shaped back that’ll make your waist appear smaller, do it often.

The best exercise for a barrel chest: Flat Dumb-Bell Bench Press

A study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that the dumb-bell bench press used slightly more muscle than its nearest rival the barbell bench press.

The best exercise for bowling ball biceps: Straight Bar Preacher Curls

Don't gamble your guns with other exercises. Research in Serious Strength Training (Human Kinetics) by Dr Tudor Bompa used electromyography to discover that this move roped in whopping 90% of the muscles fibers in your biceps. Use it to tighten your sleeves.

The best exercise for horseshoe triceps: Decline Triceps Extensions

Triceps make up 66% of the muscle in your u<>per arm - ignore them at your peril. The Strength Training study found that this move uses 92% of the muscle fibers in your triceps. The decline of the bench keeps the stress on the muscle for the entire lift.

The best abs exercise: Bicycle Crunches

Sit-ups are for mugs. A study at San Diego State University analyzed several abs exercises, ranking them from the most to least effective. The bicycle crunch took the crown.