HYDE... Energy Re-Energized

HYDE... Energy Re-Energized

FRISCO, TX, February 9, 2022 – ProSupps®, an omni-channel leading sports nutrition brand, announced the release of its highly anticipated HYDE® Energy carbonated energy drink. The offering is a strong expansion for the already successful HYDE

® Franchise and lends itself to a category experiencing nearly double-digit growth.

The HYDE® Franchise has been a leader in performance energy for 10 years and is looking to re-define on-the-go energy with its next generation of drinks. HYDE® Energy combines cutting edge Nootropics and 300mg of energy ingredients to deliver mental resilience and intense adrenaline. Exciting flavors such as Gamma Ray Grape, Blue Reactor and Lemon Voltage Lime, are set for release in artfully crafted packaging that is sure to disrupt the category.

“With hundreds of millions of HYDE® servings sold worldwide over the last decade, ProSupps® is qualified to lead the movement of intense energy and performance” said Priscila Prunella, ProSupps® VP of Marketing. “HYDE® Energy is a natural progression for the HYDE® Franchise and continues to meet consumers at a place where they expect more out of their supplements. Aligning with our consumer feedback, 82% said they wanted to see a HYDE® carbonated beverage in the cooler.”

At ProSupps®, we strive to create performance products of superior quality, for those who take their training seriously and push their body to the limit. Why do we do this, because like you, we’re writing our own story….and when you do that, anything is possible!

For more information, contact customerservice@prosupps.com.

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