Do You Need Intra Workout Supplements?

Do You Need Intra Workout Supplements?

Every year, consumers spend more than $5 billion on supplements designed to help them perform better during their workouts and recover faster afterward.

When most people think of supplements for athletes and gym-goers, they think of pre-workout and post-workout supplements. What about intra workout supplements, though? Is there any benefit to using certain supplements during your workouts?

If you've been curious about this, keep reading.

Explained below are some important benefits these supplements have to offer. You'll also learn more about the different types of intra workout supplements, as well as who should care the most about adding them into their routine.

What are Intra Workout Supplements?

As their name suggests, intra workout supplements are supplements that you can take during workouts. They may come in the form of a powder that you can add to water (similar to a pre-workout or post-workout drink), a premixed and easy-to-pour liquid, or a capsule that you can quickly swallow while in the middle of a training session.

These supplements are not talked about as often as pre- and post-workout supplements, but they can still play an important role in helping you sculpt your ideal physique and reach your specific fitness goals.

Types of Intra Workout Supplements

Intra workout supplements can be divided into these three main categories:

Amino Acids

Amino acids are building blocks of protein. Your body needs adequate amounts of amino acids (there are 20 in total) to build muscle and function properly. Of the 20 amino acids, these nine are considered to be essential:

  • Histidine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine
  • Phenylalanine

The term "essential" is used in this case because your body cannot create these amino acids on its own. You have to get them from your diet, either from whole food protein sources (meat, eggs, etc.) or amino acid supplements.


BCAAs (short for branched-chain amino acids) are some of the most popular intra workout supplements.

The three branched-chain amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are named for their molecular structure (they have a chain that branches off to one side) and are considered to be the most important amino acids for muscle building.

The branched-chain amino acids also play a key role in the body's utilization of other compounds, including sugars and other amino acids like glutamine and alanine.

Carb Transport

Some people also benefit from using a carb transport supplement during their workouts. These supplements help to increase the body's level of insulin sensitivity. They also help with the utilization of carbohydrates and amino acids for energy during your workouts.

What Are the Benefits of These Supplements?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use any (or all) of these intra workout supplements. The following are some of their specific benefits:

Increased Energy and Endurance

Many people find that, when they use intra workout supplements, they experience prolonged energy. This, in turn, helps them to fight off fatigue, push themselves farther during their training sessions, and see results from their hard work sooner.

Intra workout supplementation can be especially beneficial to those who are dieting, consuming a low-carbohydrate diet, or working out in a fasted state, as all of these individuals may be more prone to fatigue. Those who train for long periods of time or are taking part in multi-hour exercise events can also benefit from the fatigue-fighting properties of these supplements.

Improved Hydration

Many intra workout supplements also contain electrolytes, which the body needs to maintain adequate levels of hydration.

For those who sweat a lot during their workouts or train for hours on end, supplements like BCAAs (as long as they also contain electrolytes, like ProSupps HydroBCAA +Essentials) can be very beneficial. They'll help to replace electrolytes lost during exercise without you have to consume a bunch of sugar (which is included in many of the popular sports drinks on the market today).

BCAAs and amino acid supplements can help with water consumption, too. They add flavor to an otherwise boring beverage and make it more palatable to folks who have a hard time drinking enough water by itself.

Reduced Muscle Breakdown

A common concern among gym-goers who are exercising while in a calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than they burn), as well as those who exercise while fasted, is muscle breakdown during their workouts. They worry about being in a catabolic state, meaning their body is breaking down muscle (and fat) to use for energy.

Supplementing with amino acids or BCAAs can help to prevent this from happening. These supplements provide the body with the fuel it needs to continue exercising without having to tap into the amino acids in the muscle tissue.

Improved Muscle Protein Synthesis

Intra workout supplementation can also help with muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of using protein to repair muscle damage and build muscle.

If your body isn't breaking down muscle tissue to access amino acids, it will be easier to build muscle and achieve your physique and strength goals. Using an intra workout supplements supplies you with the amino acids you need to help this happen.

Better Recovery

Many people also notice better post-workout recovery when they use intra workout supplements on a regular basis.

You don't have to wait until after your workout is over to start replenishing the body and giving it the nutrients it needs. Why not get a headstart by using amino acids and/or carb transport support during your workout?

This can be especially beneficial if you workout multiple times during the day. Intra workout supplementation will help you ensure you're getting the amino acids and other nutrients your body needs to recover and get ready for your next training session.

Who Should Use Them?

Just about anyone can benefit from using these supplements during their workouts. However, there are some people who will notice more direct improvements when they include them.

The following individuals should especially consider incorporating intra workout supplements into their routine:

  • Those who train multiple times per day
  • Those who do very intense and/or high-volume workouts (e.g., bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc.)
  • Those who exercise while in a fasted state
  • Those who have a hard time consuming adequate protein (and, therefore, adequate amounts of essential amino acids)
  • Those who exercise for long periods of time (e.g., endurance athletes)

If you fall into one or more of these categories, you'll likely find that your performance and recovery improves when you start incorporating BCAAs, amino acids, and/or carb transport support supplements during your workouts.

Tips for Using Intra Workout Supplements

To see the best results from your intra workout supplements, it's important to make sure you're taking them in the right way. There's more to this than just downing them in the middle of your workout.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure you're getting the most out of the supplements you're using during workouts.

Be Consistent

If you want to see results from any type of supplement, including intra workout supplements, it's important to be consistent with them. The more consistent you are, the easier it is for these supplements to do their job.

You can't use them once and expect to see major changes. Stick with using these supplements during your workouts for at least a month to see how they work for you.

Mix Them Up Early

If you wait until you're already in the zone with your workout to mix up your BCAAs or pour a serving of your amino acid supplement, it might be harder for you to be consistent.

Consider mixing up or measuring out your desired dose of these supplements before you get started with your workout. That way, they'll be ready to go when you decide you need them.

Choose the Right Products

Finally, make sure you're using intra workout supplements from a manufacturer you trust. When you work with a trustworthy seller, you can enjoy better results and peace of mind while using these supplements during workouts.

Find out whether or not they test their products for purity and efficacy and read the labels to make sure they use ingredients that are safe and won't have a negative impact on your health or progress.

Get the Best Intra Workout Supplements Today

There are definitely benefits that come with using certain intra workout supplements, especially if you're doing intense workouts on a regular basis.

Now that you know more about what these supplements have to offer and how you can use them during workouts for the best results, it's time to place your online order.

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