HYDE Is Going Full Circle with HYDE. The Original.

HYDE Is Going Full Circle with HYDE. The Original.
FRISCO, TX, August 26, 2022

The popular HYDE® franchise is reinforcing its roots.

ProSupps has announced that they will be releasing a new powder called HYDE. The Original. This intense pre-workout solution gives athletes (both hardcore fans of HYDE® and newcomers) the adrenaline rush that they crave.

HYDE® OG is centered around maximizing physical performance by providing hard-hitting energy, explosive power, and laser-sharp focus, making it much easier to shatter any potential barriers. It comes packed with 375 mg of caffeine, 25 mg of yohimbe, 2,000 mg of beta-alanine, and 1,500 mg of Nitrosigine®. Unlike other popular brands that take multiple servings to feel the effects, HYDE® OG does the job in one scoop.

“We were long overdue for an overhaul of the HYDE franchise” said Priscila Prunella VP of Marketing and part of the founding team at ProSupps. “The launch of HYDE OG comes with a disruptive new look, reinvigorated brand culture and the powerful formula we’ve learn to expect from HYDE.”

HYDE® OG synergizes well with products that don't have caffeine or stimulants. Pairing it with the equally-impressive HYDE Max Pump creates the unstoppable combo for high-octane blood flow and pumps. Adding the Blue Freeze, Solar Punch, Tropic Cyclone, and Pixie Storm flavors to the mix gives you countless ways to find even more value and establish more variety to your workouts.

“We are excited about this highly anticipated rebrand and think it represents where ProSupps is going, while staying true to our roots,” said Mike Guadagno, Dir. of Sales, Nat'l Accounts. “For more than 10 years, ProSupps has been a consumer favorite for sports supplements, and this further innovation makes it easier for customers to find the best products for their active lifestyles.”

The HYDE® franchise has already made a big impact in the fitness industry. Even so, with the addition of HYDE® OG and its fierce and carefully-crafted artwork, more athletes will begin to feel as if they can reach new heights they never thought were possible.

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