It's Not Too Late to Build Your Summer Body

It's Not Too Late to Build Your Summer Body

How To Start!

It's not too late to start working towards your summer body; it's actually perfect timing. Getting re-motivated as the temperature starts to rise can be easy for some, but a little overwhelming for others. So here are some quick tips on how to get help you ready for summer in a timely manner without stressing out.

Most of this overwhelming feeling comes from thinking that you will not be ready in time or be lean enough for the summer season. In reality, we all feel that way. You are not alone! Stop worrying, enjoy your journey and stay positive.

First Tip: Do not set an "end date" to be ready by. Even though in some occasions this can motivate people to reach their goals, in most cases it can cause you more stress than good. This should be an enjoyable experience where you are making a change in your daily routine for a healthier version of yourself.

Second Tip: Don't drastically change your diet; this will more likely cause to binge. Slowly start cleaning up your eating habits and making conscious, healthier choices. When you start to deprive your body of everything, you set yourself up to fall into a unhealthy relationship with food. Food is fuel, not therapy!

Third Tip: Drink LOTS of water. The power of staying hydrated is the key to a healthier you. When your body is nicely hydrated, it tends to respond to clean eating and exercises a lot better. You are helping your body flush out toxins, recover faster and, my personal favorite, trick you into thinking that you are full.

If you struggle with keeping up your water intake, AminoLinx is the perfect supplement to help you do just that.

Fourth and Final Tip: Enjoy the process! I know that you have heard this phrase time and time again. But it's TRUE. The more that you enjoy an activity that you are engaging in, the more likely you are to stick with it for a longer period of time. Being a healthier version of yourself should always be a great time. So find activities that keep you motivated! Burning calories doesn’t just happen in the gym, get creative!