Optimizing Your Workout Nutrition with ProSupps: Pre and Post-Workout Meal Ideas

image of athlete eating oatmeal and berries

Welcome to the world of fitness where achieving your goals isn't just about the sweat you put in at the gym but also the fuel you provide your body. Whether you're looking to enhance performance, build muscle, or aid recovery, your pre and post-workout nutrition plays a pivotal role. ProSupps® is here to guide you through the ideal combinations of food and supplements to optimize your fitness journey.
We want to clarify that these are merely options to help guide you in choosing meals and supplements to optimize your workout and recovery. For pre-workout nutrition, prioritize lean protein and fast-digesting carb sources. For post-workout, you’ll want protein, carbs, and fats.  Please refer to a dietitian or other expert for specific macronutrient breakdowns. Feel free to refer to our blog- A Guide To Macro and Micronutrients to learn more about how protein, carbs, and fats work in your body.



Bowl of Oatmeal with Berries


Protein Oatmeal with Berries: Start your workout fueled with a combination of complex carbohydrates from oats, protein from your choice of ProSupps® Whey Isolate, and antioxidant-rich berries.

Rice Cakes and Protein Shake:A quick and easily digestible option, rice cakes provide fast-digesting carbs, while ProSupps® Whey Isolate ensures a high-quality protein source.

Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread: Opt for lean turkey on whole-grain bread with veggies for a balanced pre-workout meal that won't weigh you down.

Lean Protein with Rice or Potato:Chicken, turkey, or fish paired with rice or sweet potatoes offers a mix of protein and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy.

Author’s Favorite: Protein Oatmeal, powdered peanut butter, and frozen mixed berries.



Pre-Workout supplementation


Mr. Hyde® Signature or Dr. Jekyll® Signature: Enhances energy & focus while increasing blood flow & pumps for peak performance. 

I-Load® (Glucose Disposal Agent - GDA): Improve carb utilization for energy efficiency during your workout.

L-Carnitine 1500: Support fat metabolism and energy production.
Whey Isolate: Fast-absorbing protein for muscle recovery.



Bowl of Beef Stirfry with Vegetables


Protein Shake, Peanut Butter, and Banana: Replenish glycogen stores with fast-digesting carbs and provide essential fats for satiety.

Salmon and Rice: Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon aid recovery, while rice offers a quick source of carbohydrates.

Chicken and Whole Wheat Pasta: Enjoy a protein-packed seafood option with the benefits of complex carbs from whole wheat pasta.

Steak Stir Fry: A well-balanced post-workout meal combining protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Add an egg to get some healthy fats.

MyBar® Protein Bar: Four flavors to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth and get you fueled up when you’re on the go.

Author’s Favorite: A protein shake on the way home from the gym. Avocado Toast at home with eggs, and Dave’s Killer Bread.



image of ProSupps Whey Isolate and Liquid Collagen


Whey Isolate: Fast-absorbing protein for muscle recovery.
Amino23® Liquid Collagen: high-grade collagen peptides and whey protein concentrate for recovery.



Image of ProSupps HydrBCAA, Creatine 300 and Glutamine 300


One Scoop of HydroBCAA®, one scoop of creatine, and one scoop of glutamine mixed into 16-20oz. of ice-cold water.

Achieving your fitness goals is a journey, and proper nutrition is the key to unlocking your full potential. With ProSupps®, you have a reliable ally to support your pre and post-workout needs. Remember that consistency is key. Tailor your nutrition plan to your preferences, listen to your body, and enjoy the transformative effects of a well-fueled workout regimen. Elevate your fitness experience with ProSupps® and embark on a journey where each workout is a step closer to your best self. Cheers to a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant you!