ProSupps and CellFlo6™ Join Forces to Set a New Standard in Sports Nutrition

ProSupps and CellFlo6™ Join Forces to Set a New Standard in Sports Nutrition
ProSupps is making big moves in sports nutrition once again.

The highly efficacious brand is joining forces with CellFlo6™, a proprietary performance green tea extract and one of the fastest growing health and performance ingredients in the world. This is done to bring the Global Sports Nutrition industry new, advanced performance, energy, and recovery innovations.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with ProSupps,” says Matt Nickerson, Co-Founder of CellFlo6™. “It is such a tremendous honor to be powering their flagship pre-workout brand HYDE® that will bring more people around the globe the benefits of CellFlo6™. The reformulation of this iconic brand is what I consider to be the new standard of excellence. The new HYDE® hits hard and is setting the standard for effectiveness and affordability.”

“I really enjoy working with Dr. Jekyll (A.K.A.: Nick Loveridge), who is one of the most successful and respected formulators in our industry & has created products loved by millions of professional and amateur athletes,” Nickerson added. “What I love about Nick is not only does he demand every ingredient meet his high criteria of scientific validation but what impresses me is the guy during his evaluation of CellFlo6™ actually took the product for several weeks, had to feel the benefits work for him and actually hooked himself up to instruments and tests to make sure what you feel and what we claim is real. He is on a whole other level to make sure his consumers get the outcomes they are looking for.”

CellFlo6™ is an all-natural ingredient that anyone at any stage in their fitness journey can use. In addition, athletes can use it to assist in pre-workouts, recovery, weight management, and much more. Even though these components alone make CellFlo6™ high-quality, its maximum dosage makes it a high-performance green tea extract, as it helps boost heart health.

“Taking on the responsibility of upgrading such a successful and trusted brand as HYDE® is a huge responsibility,” admitted Nick Loveridge, ProSupps Director of Product Commercialization. “I had to deliver. I worked tirelessly to ensure the new HYDE® delivers more energy to perform longer and harder than ever before as well as help recovery and overall health. CellFlo6™’s Gallate enhanced Oligomer technology enhances the power behind the new HYDE® as it has its own unique performance and health benefits and uniquely helps drive the synergy between the other meticulously selected, high-quality ingredients in the formula. The science behind CellFlo6™ is impressive but what makes this ingredient special is you see and feel its benefits, leaving much opportunity for exploration, both clinically and commercially. HYDE®, I believe is my best work yet and I am currently exploring additional cutting-edge applications with CellFlo6™ to reinvent the recovery and energy space.”

Now that ProSupps and CellFlo6™ have teamed up, fans and regular consumers of the HYDE® products should expect a positive and more impactful dynamic to their fitness experience.

You can now get HYDE® at Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide and in many countries across the globe. Coming in four mind-blowing flavors - Tropic Cyclone, Blue Freeze, Solar Punch, and Pixie Storm (exclusive to Vitamin Shoppe Stores in the US) - HYDE® will turn you into a force to be reckoned with!