The 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Serious Results

The 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Serious Results

The odds are you already have loads of workout supplements in your cabinet. But a pre-workout supplement is the one you want on your top shelf if you're going to up your game and hit your goals of gaining muscle, improving strength, and getting cut - or all three.

There are a lot of pre-workout supplements on the market that have a wide assortment of ingredients, dosages, and intended outcomes. Where to start? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We all have the same simple goal in mind - to improve performance. And in this era, pre-workouts are at the top of their game.

If you’re taking a pre-workout to be stronger, but not finding it easy to choose the best one to get you started on your path of heavy lifting, we’re not surprised. You need to understand how they work from the start. So, why does pre-workout give you so much energy?

We’ve explained it all and have taken a deep dive into the 10 best pre-workout supplements to get you started on your journey to achieving serious results. 

HYDE® Thermo

Best for: Building muscle and burning fat

This thermogenic formula contains 50mg of Capsimax®, a highly concentrated capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers. 'Thermogenic' means 'heat producing', and thanks to this sizzling ingredient, your metabolism will fire up from within. Capsaicin stimulates the release of adrenaline. This, in turn, speeds up your metabolism to burn more calories and fat, so while you build lean muscle growth, you also burn.

HYDE Thermo is free of carbs, gluten, sugar, and calories, and combined with the appetite suppressing bonus of capsaicin, supports those fat-burning goals.

What reviewers say: “It hits quickly and makes me sweat! It takes a lot for me to warm up, and this pre-workout gets me there in the first five minutes of my workout.”

HYDE® Max Pump

Best for: Getting pump, stim-free

Take it on its own for a stim-free workout or stack it with another pre-workout - the choice is yours. You’ve come to the right place if you want to take a pre-workout supplement to get stronger. HYDE Max Pump contains the compounds your body needs to make nitric oxide, the answer for an increased muscle pump, thanks to the boosted blood flow to your tissues.

More oxygen flowing to your working muscles also delivers a sweet menu of additional benefits. With less lactic acid build-up, you can push harder, longer because muscle fatigue just won't have a chance to set in prematurely. Plus, you’ll recover faster between sessions. Ready to hit more reps? No problem.

What reviewers say: “I can stack with any other Hyde PWO and get a great vascular pump.”

HYDE® Pre-Workout

Best for: Going harder, for longer

If you’re just starting out on a pre-workout journey, HYDE Pre-Workout is where you want to start. Not too stimulant heavy, it’s a well-balanced pre-workout with everything you want - caffeine, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine, and creatine - all designed to take your progress up a notch.

This is the combo you can count on to prime your body for physical and mental work, thanks to increased blood flow and stamina that helps you push harder and promotes muscle development.

What reviewers say: “Not too high stim but it kept me in the gym longer than normal with more energy.”

HYDE® Xtreme 

Best for: Taking your results over the top

Why does pre-workout give you so much energy? In this case: caffeine, and lots of it. 

An impressive blend of compounds and ingredients serves up a pre-workout supplement that ticks all the boxes if you’re ready to progress.

An intense 420mg caffeine matrix will dial you into an intense and focussed workout experience with a surge of energy when you need it most. It delivers after the workout, too, with ingredients to promote swole, and Yohimbe that offers targeted weight loss.

What reviewers say: “If you are a more experienced lifter and you want to get in that zone and take it to the next level, this will get the job done.”

HYDE® Test Surge

Best for: More stamina and better performance

Any lifter will love the adrenaline-driving ingredients served up in Test Surge, but for women, it wins extra bragging rights for its testosterone-promoting support. It's a hard-hitting pre-workout that will serve up what’s required in the form of a massive rush of energy when you need it most.

Performance seekers will love it for its post-workout support, boosting recovery so you can get back in the gym and dish out more reps with ease.

What reviewers say: “Absolutely banging, energy throughout my workout and with no crash.”

HYDE® Xtreme Ready to Drink 

Best for: Convenience, energy 

Consistency of taste, performance, or simply the convenience of a pre-mixed pre-workout all weigh in for this RTD formula. With the threesome of TeaCrine, Yohimbe, and caffeine, it’s primed to dial you into energy, but also the mental focus you need if you’re attempting a high-rep workout.

What reviewers say: “I like the consistency of having the same tasting pre-workout every time. I'll never go back to powders.”

Mr. Hyde® Signature

Best for: Athletes and gym rats

Your pre-workout is there to power up and support your performance, but it shouldn't be at the expense of your competitive goals. This formula comes with an Informed Choice Certified® stamp of approval, so you can enter the gym without sweating about any possible banned substances entering your system.

If you love a rush of energy, you’re in luck. The signature blend powers you up with both caffeine and TeaCrine to take you from your first set to the last with full focus. To top it off, this pre-workout includes nitrosigine, which delivers a great muscle pump after a workout too.

All in all, Mr. Hyde® Signature is the full package for better workout performance and recovery.

What reviewers say: “Fast acting, long lasting. And it’s one of the cleanest products out there.”

Dr. Jekyll® Stimulant-Free

Best for: Stim-free performance

Mind over matter counts when you’re ready to dish out an intense workout. Meet the focal agent in this formula, nooLVL™ a winner if you’re wanting to achieve extreme focus. The pre-workout has a following with men and women alike who are looking for a pre-workout that delivers plenty of performance and focus, with no jitters. It’s stim-free, but it more than compensates with its ability to make you sweat thanks to thermogenic activity c/o Afromomum Melegueta in the formula.

What reviewers say: “I feel so focused when I take this stuff, and the pump feels great.”

HYDE® Test Surge + HYDE® Max Pump

Best for: Stacking

Sometimes two pre-workouts are better than one. The way to get stacking right if you're starting out is to start with just a half a scoop of each. The combo of HYDE Test Surge and HYDE Max Pump offers a balanced pre-workout package. They're great alone and better together to give you what you need to prime your body for a hard-hitting workout.

How long does it take pre-workout to kick in? It’s recommended you consume this duo together 30 to 60 minutes before you hit the gym.

What reviewers say: “HYDE Test Surge has me jacked up for my workouts!”

Looking for the Best Pre-Workout to Match Your Workout Goals?

We’ve run through 10 of the best solutions for energy, focus, pump, and more. Now, it’s your turn to check out the full range of ProSupps’ supplements, or find a retailer near you.